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India Independence Day 2023

It’s raining saffron, white and green on Instagram reels

Celebrating 76 years of India’s freedom, Instagram is painted in the Tricolour

Jaismita Alexander | Published 13.08.23, 02:21 PM

To commemorate India’s 76 years of Independence, Instagram is being painted in the Tricolour. From food to fashion, netizens are exploring the rich heritage and culture of India. In this August 15-special edition of Reels of the Week, My Kolkata explores reels that celebrate our glorious nation.

This illustration of Mother India is heartwarming 

This talented artist, who goes by the username @logokuhe, has given us a new vision of Mother India through his animated digital illustration. With red alta on her feet, is features a Tricolour sari-clad woman, who possesses the heartwarming charm of motherhood. If we had to reimagine the concept of Mother India as a person, then she would definitely be someone like her.


Post-Vedic India men's fashion 

Fashion contributes to India’s rich culture greatly. While we always talk about the evolution of women's fashion and its diversity, do you know how men dressed in post-Vedic India? This beautiful compilation of evolution of men's fashion by @boseoninsta takes us on a ride from 3500 BCE to 2023. The effort this fashion influencer has put to recreate every look is commendable.

Make your own Indian flag brooch

Talking about fashion, an element of the Tricolour on our outfit is a must on Independence Day. If you are someone who likes to keep it low-key, then go ahead and make this brooch. Learn it from @crafter_aditi in a few simple steps. You can also make them in bulk to gift them to your friends and colleagues.

Independence Day special rangoli

Rangolis are an important part of celebration of any auspicious day in India. If you are looking for some unique designs, then check out this reel by @rangoli_nation. Recreate the beautiful rangoli at your home (or office) this Independence Day and flaunt your creativity. (HRs, take note!)

Try these tricolour dosas

If you have kids, then making these dosas at home will be a fun activity together. @rohinis.kitki has come up with a tricolour dosa recipe using natural food colours made of beetroot, turmeric and moringa. Start your Independence Day with these dosas and keep the josh high! You can even try making tricolour idlis and uttapams with the same batter!

Last updated on 13.08.23, 02:25 PM

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