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Spotted on Social Media

Srijit Mukherji and the art of witty social media posts

Just what you need to tickle your funny bone this Tuesday

Pooja Mitra | Published 22.03.22, 04:12 PM
Read my mind!

Read my mind!

@Srijit Mukherji/Instagram

An ace director, he is known for films like Baishey Srabon, Chotuskone, Uma, Gumnaami and many more. As we all eagerly anticipate his next release, Darjeeling Jomjomat, My Kolkata unearthed some posts that show Srijit Mukherji's wit and humour. Here are some wisecracks that will make you go LOL even as you appreciate the master class in word play:

Biriyani, chilli pork and?

What’s a video call with pals if there’s no goofy screenshot? While Srijit grinning with Abir and Jisshu in the frame just made our day, the true highlight here is the caption which has us laughing and how!


P.S. Did you get the character references?

Chilling with the ‘cheel’

We are chilling on a Tuesday, just like the director asked us to, when he wrote, “Just cheel cheel, just cheel.” 

Cracking up with the quacks

The popular 1987 American animated series DuckTales just earned itself a rib-tickling caption from the man who evidently enjoys wordplay.

Bid adieu to those weekday blues

This “Timezone-e Tulkalam” has us squeezing in a quick round of gaming to combat the #weekdayblues. 

Dub-smash with Srijit

What happens when one wordplay enthusiast meets another? Find out in this funny banter between Srijit Mukherji and Taapsee Pannu! The director-actor duo are working together in Shabaash Mithu.

Amidst a pandemic...

A dose of cuteness never hurt anyone, so here’s a #throwback photo of Srijit with little munchkin Ayra showing us how to literally fight the virus. 

Ghar or ghaar?

This picture captioned “Ghaar-onda!!!” makes us nostalgic for those good ol’ days when climbing up on our parents’ shoulders was the happiest thing. 

Cool off with Kolkata’s pirate

While you’re guessing who this “Pirate Gelato” is, don’t forget to order yourself some ice cream!

All about the big bucks

What happens when a buck meets a “Buckrudhdho” man? The latter pens down a caption that has us laughing at the pun.

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