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Monday Blues

Kolkata things to help tackle ‘the worst day of the week’

A few fun ways to get through Guinness record holding Mondays

Pooja Mitra | Published 23.10.22, 06:03 PM


The Guinness World Records designated Monday as “the worst day of the week” recently, and this is one thing that has the whole world on the same page. However, just like rain is to Durga Puja and gorom is to Kolkata, Monday and its blues is to weekdays.

Pulling out our the Dora the Explorer hat, we went out on a quest for some Kolkata things that knowingly or unknowingly help us brave Mondays (or other weekdays for that matter) and this is what we found…


Phuchka, mon amour!

Phuchka is an emotion, as well as a cure-all. If anything can make the happy Sunday to gosh-it’s-Monday mood switch, it’s a mouthful of phuchkas (with ample tok jol.)

Happiness is ‘adda and cha’

Be it at Abar Baithak, Chaawala, Arun Tea Stall or your parar cha’er dokan, unwinding with some hot gossip and hotter cuppa after a long Monday is something every Kolkatan can relate to.

Ganga’r ghat and ferry rides

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If Monday puts you in a Jeevan Kya Hai or Yeh Jeevan Hai mood, the ghats of Kolkata and the ferry rides can add an upbeat tempo to the slo-mo Bolly loop you are in. Call bae, turn it into a date and rub it in Monday’s face!

Chinese dinner at Tangra

Fried rice and chilli chicken are soul food. Period. Add chilli pork too, and some beer, and Mondays (or any day) will seem like the best day!

Browsing books at College street

The smell of pre-loved and new books, the sepia pages and the striking covers, the haank-daak of the shops and fellow bibliophiles in front of the shops — window shopping or buying some — books are a mood-lifter like no other.

Impromptu shopping at Gariahat or New Market

There is a reason why shopping is called retail therapy. And if you’re anything like us, you need this Monday therapy session.

Indulging in some ‘mishti’

We all need a sugar rush to help us through Mondays. And what sweeter way to start the week?

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