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Go green: Bamboo and hemp can help you switch to a sustainable lifestyle

From clothes, personal care products, skincare and more, these two plants are being reimagined as so much more

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 24.05.22, 05:44 PM
The bamboo ‘spork’ by Bare Necessities (left) and hemp-infused night cream by SoulTree

The bamboo ‘spork’ by Bare Necessities (left) and hemp-infused night cream by SoulTree


Going eco-friendly is easier said than done but we did the homework for you. If you’re looking to curate a nature-loving and sustainable wardrobe, pantry and skincare shelf, you really should be starting with bamboo and hemp. 

While hemp is often referred to as a super plant and can grow in the harshest conditions, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and needs very little water. Naturally, they are quite key to the waste-free experience and are energy-efficient sources for fabric. 

Their fibres can be used to make clothes and bags and they can also be used to make daily essentials like toothbrushes and nourishing oils and skincare products.  

Zoya Wahi and Nitij Singh’s label Aslee, for instance,  specialises in bamboo and hemp fashion and homeware. “We chose to work with bamboo and hemp for a number of reasons. Our collective interest in climate action led us to the idea of making better lifestyle choices. The concept of the community also sparked the idea of Aslee and its reliance on these materials. Lastly, the versatility, usability and comfort that is offered by both the fabrics, make the possibilities endless,” says Zoya. 

“The biggest differences between the two materials have to do with their textures and method of processing. Hemp fabric is insulating and regulates body temperature, so one is never too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Bamboo fabric, on the other hand, has microbial properties which are great for tropical climates like ours,” shares the founder of the brand.

Zoya adds, “Hemp and bamboo are fast-yield crops which do not need intervention while growing and this ensures that these plants take a lot less and give a lot more.”

If you’re looking to shop bamboo and hemp products, here are some great leads:



Toothbrushes constitute a large percentage of plastic waste. The best sustainable solution? Bamboo toothbrushes! Being 100 per cent biodegradable, these toothbrushes are water repellent and have an anti-fungal coating. 

Cutlery and Straw

Instead of use-and-throw plastic cutlery, go for bamboo cutlery sets and straws. This reusable kit is easy to carry around and ensures you never have to use plastic.


These smart casual shirts are made from bamboo fibres which are antibacterial, odour-free and sweat absorbent. They also offer protection from UV rays.


Hair accessories

Skip the synthetic ribbons and accessories and switch to these quirky, eco-friendly ribbons. These hair ribbons are made from hemp fabric scraps which makes sure there isn’t any fabric wastage.


This rustic cottage core hemp rug will make a great addition to your home. The texture of the rug gives it a unique feel that can easily complement your home decor.


SoulTree has come up with India's first Ayurvedic range of hemp products with 100 per cent pure, certified organic hemp seed oil. These luxury skincare products have the power to soothe, repair and heal your skin. Their hemp range has 10 unique products for all your skin care worries.

Last updated on 24.05.22, 05:44 PM

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