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Winter drinks

Eleven cafes serving creamy-dreamy hot chocolate in Kolkata

Before the cold bids adieu, here are some places to get a cuppa of the indulgent winter delight

Jaismita Alexander, Karo Christine Kumar | Published 10.01.24, 06:03 PM
Few things celebrate winter like a cup of thick and decadent hot chocolate and Kolkata's cafes are serving up some great options

Few things celebrate winter like a cup of thick and decadent hot chocolate and Kolkata's cafes are serving up some great options

As the chill settles in the air, do you crave a cuppa of thick chocolate indulgence? Love to sip on a steaming mug of hot chocolate, made with rich cocoa, creamy milk, and perhaps a dash of spice? Winter is the best time to indulge in this warm cuppa of pure love. It warms you from the inside and feels like a hug in a mug. While Kolkata misses Mrs Magpie, there are a few cafes that are serving delicious dense hot chocolate this season.

Here are My Kolkata’s picks for places to visit for thick, creamy hot chocolate before the winter bids adieu.


Criollo Bean to Bar Chocolate Cafe 

Karo Christine Kumar

Nestled on Middleton Row, this month-old cafe from the house of Craft Coffee serves up all things chocolate. Their Hot Chocolate is made of 70 per cent dark chocolate, with each sip leaving a lingering, decadent warmth. Certainly, one of the best velvety cups we’ve tried in Kolkata.

Available: 365 days

Pocket pinch: Rs 190

Address: Middleton Row, Park Street area, (opposite Pizza Hut)

Sienna Cafe & Store 

Pooja Mitra

The thicker the hot chocolate, the more fun it is. If you didn’t have to use the spoon to clear the mug, did you even enjoy your hot chocolate? Sienna has the perfect gooey hot chocolate to treat you with this winter. And if you prefer a lighter version, they have that too!

Available: Through winter

Pocket pinch: Rs 190 to Rs 270

Address: 49, 1, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat

Patisserie by Franzisca 

The new address in Jatin Bagchi serves three varieties, like the flagship Russel Street outlet. If you like your drink mild with a hint of cocoa, go for the 33 per cent, but if you prefer it thick and luscious, reach for the indulgent 70 percent blend. There’s middle ground, too, at 54 per cent!

Available: 365 days

Pocket pinch: Rs 305

Address: 13A Jatin Bagchi Road and 13C Russel Street

Blue Tokai

If you are looking for the classic hot chocolate to comfort you on a chilly winter day, you can always head to Blue Tokai. While you surf through your favourite books at Park Street’s Bahrisons or dig into some delectable savouries from Suchali’s Bakery, you can sip on some smooth hot chocolate.

Available: Till winter lasts

Pocket pinch: Rs 230 onwards

Address: Park Street, Hindustan Park, Ballygunge, Bidhannagar and New Town

Bunosilo Estate Coffee Roasters

Karo Christine Kumar

We weren’t expecting a great cup of hot chocolate in a cafe better known for its coffee but it took us by surprise! Request a denser brew, and they’ll gladly oblige. The outdoor ambiance, enveloped in serene greenery, and the tranquil white interiors add to the charm.

Available: 365 days

Pocket pinch: Rs 220

Address: Across all city outlets in Ballygunge, Lansdowne, Sudder Street and New Alipore

La Macario Cafe

La Macario offers a comforting hot chocolate with Belgium peppermint twist. Topped with an overload of marshmallows, this cuppa looks like a dream! If you like the combination of mint and chocolate, you should definitely try this!

Available: Till February 15

Pocket pinch: Rs 240

Address: First floor, 10 Wood Street, Elgin


Like to get spoilt for choices when it comes to hot chocolate? Marbella’s is all set to pamper you. With eight options in hot chocolate, the cafe has everything from a classic hot chocolate to deluxe hot chocolate. The single origin dark hot chocolate has 55% of chocolate mixed with hot milk.

Available: Through winter

Pocket pinch: Rs 225 to Rs 315

Address: Hindustan Park and Elgin Road

The Bhawanipur House

Rich, velvety cocoa indulgence in a comforting, warming mug awaits you at the vintage The Bhawanipur House. Enjoy your winter date at this eatery in a 116-year-old colonial house with a decadent cup of hot chocolate. You can also enjoy a variety of pizzas and pastas.

Available: All through winter

Pocket pinch: Rs 250+

Address: 13/1B, Priyanath Mallick Road, Bhowanipore

Cup eBong

Since Cup eBong moved to their new address in Hindustan Park from Kalikapur, they have been winning hearts with their creamy and thick cuppa of hot chocolate. Perfectly spiced with cinnamon, this hot chocolate is so dense that you will need a spoon to finish it off! The best part? It is available on the menu all throughout the year!

Available: 365 days

Pocket pinch: Rs 200

Address: 58 E, ground floor, beside Byloom, Hindustan Park

The Glenburn Cafe 

Karo Christine Kumar

There’s one thing better in this tea-centric cafe and that’s a cup of spiced, thick, rich hot chocolate. While it might not reach the ultimate density we anticipated, it still holds its own Plus, the cherry on top — or should we say, marshmallows — makes every sip extra cosy.

Available: 365 days

Pocket pinch: Rs 270

Address: 7A Russel Street, Park Street area, Kolkata 700071

Cafe Drifter

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate and (right) Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate and (right) Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

Cafe Drifter is a paradise for hot chocolate lovers with abundant options like Snowman Hot Chocolate, Caramel Swirl Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Nutella Hot Chocolate and Dark Hot chocolate with Toasted Marshmallows. Drifters also serves a White Hot Chocolate in strawberry flavour! Each cuppa comes with a pretty topping making it so very Instagrammable.

Available: Till end of January

Pocket pinch: Rs 150 onwards

Address: P-547, Lake Road, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani

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