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Man vs Food: Test your limits with these food challenges in Kolkata

Can you emerge the hungry hero through meat sweats and spicy tears?

Urvashi Bhattacharya | Published 18.07.23, 01:19 PM
From giant burgers to the spiciest wings, these food challenges in Kolkata will test your taste buds

From giant burgers to the spiciest wings, these food challenges in Kolkata will test your taste buds

Have you ever eaten so much food that you instantly go into a food coma? Or made your way through a plate of the hottest chillies till tears ran down your eyes? All on purpose? Well, some food stops in the city have curated such food challenges that might make you double-guess your decision to participate in one. From massive burgers to tongue-burning wings, the challenges are wild. My Kolkata checks out three of these food challenges… from afar!

Spice challenge at Plan B, House of Wings

Jhaal is an understatement for what this challenge holds at the two-month-old Park Street hangout. A dozen chicken wings are tossed in Plan B’s in-house ABS sauce, which one has to finish in under four minutes. Oh, and no drink breaks in the middle. For those wondering, ABS stands for A**burning Sauce and we wish we were joining, because the sauce lives up to its name. The moment it is presented, you can smell the chilli in the wings and the hot and piping sticky sauce is so tempting. So far, three out of eight people who attempted it, have been able to complete the challenge. They got their name and picture in the Hall of Fame and received a certificate stating they were able to complete the challenge.


Burger eating challenge at Pronto Gourmet Food

How much food is too much food? Does it depend on how far you’re willing to push yourself or is it about starving yourself before taking part in a challenge? For the challenge at Pronto Gourmet Food, the answer is yes to both.

Enter the ultimate challenge that has yet to be conquered — “The Most Expensive Sh*t Burger!” — at this eatery near Golpark, Gariahat.

The Most Expensive Sh*t Burger is a colossal 5kg meal, including the sides and the drink. This gargantuan burger itself has 15 condiments, featuring double mutton patties, a fried chicken patty, succulent beef steak, pork ribs, juicy prawns, tender pulled pork, onion rings and more. On the side, they give a bunch of fries and a double chocolate milkshake to “wash it down”.

Now, here’s where the challenge gets interesting. If you’re attempting this monstrous meal all by yourself, you’ll have 40 minutes to conquer the feast. But, if you’re up for the ultimate bonding experience, you can share the challenge with a partner, and you’ll get 15 minutes to complete it together. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

As the crown jewel of Pronto Gourmet Food’s menu, The Most Expensive Sh*t Burger comes with a price tag of Rs 2,000 — hence its name. If you win the challenge, you won’t have to pay a penny, you get to take home ‘I Conquered the Burger’ T-shirt, and you will be immortalised with a photo on their Wall of Fame.

Burger eating challenge at Cafe Buddy’s Espresso

Picture this: thick layers of meat, oozing cheese, and veggies, all packed into a towering masterpiece at this Southern Avenue cafe. The Beast at Cafe Buddy’s Espresso is not for the faint of heart; this mammoth burger weighs a staggering two and a half kilograms and is six inches wide. The burger is loaded with chicken nuggets, chicken ham, chicken bacon, chicken sausage and different preparations of egg. Although it might sound tasty, this burger will surely bring on the meat sweats with only 30 minutes on the clock. Till now no one has been able to complete this challenge and many have left their burgers halfway. Keep in mind, the challenge comes with a side of fries and a soda-based drink because, well why not? On winning not only do you get the Rs 1,500 burger for free but also a cashback of Rs 3,100 for your bravery.

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