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Gin Cocktails

On world gin day, get a taste of the finest Gin Cocktails

The Telegraph takes you on a trail of the choicest gin sips from the city

Zeba Akhtar Ali | Published 11.06.22, 12:39 AM

Rejuvenate @The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat: Refreshing and summery, this cocktail is just as it sounds. You’ll love the blend of Tanqueray, homemade fennel syrup, fresh apricot preserve, lime and tonic. Rs 750-plus

Singapore Sling @JW Marriott Kolkata: Aromatic Gin with Cointreau, cherry brandy, pineapple and bitter pomegranate. This is the perfect drink if you are a gin connoisseur and want something refreshing. Rs 700-plus


Pomegranate Gimlet @The Spirits: Another fruity cocktail, here is a blend that houses fresh pomegranate juice, pomegranate beads along with simple lime juice. The drink looks like summer in a glass, at the Sector V lounge. Rs 549-plus

Tian Shang @Yauatcha: Tian Shang, which translates to ‘heavenly’ in Chinese, is a fruity and refreshing concoction made with fresh raspberries, raspberry liqueur, lime juice and gin. It is further topped with a floral touch of elderflower foam. The unique elderflower foam is prepared using egg white, lemon juice and elderflower and vodka at the Quest mall Oriental eatery. Rs 595-plus

The Drunken Botanist @Rendezvous: A herb-y, peachy drink at the new restaurant in AltAir, this has peach, elderflower and lime juice come together to create a spring-summer flavour profile. Rs 765-plus

Dilli 6 @Warehouse Cafe: Bringing in quintessential flavours from India is this orange and saffron marmalade-based gin cocktail at the South City Mall eatery that will surprise your taste buds for sure. Rs 545-plus

Lavender Lemon Spritzer @Williams Kitchen: This gin-based cocktail has notes of lavender and bitters garnished with thyme. A simple, neat yet densely-flavoured sip at the Shakespeare Sarani dine den. Rs 425-plus

Kolkata Tangerine @Club Fenicia: Championing the cause of Bengali flavours is this drink with gondhoraj and aam aada mixed with green apple juice and gin, that’s as tasty as it looks at the Sector V party spot. Rs 850-plus

Lazy Fox @Refingery 091: A traditional style of serving a gin cocktail is by enhancing the flavour of gin with vermouth and almonds. This simple, yet effective cocktail does just that at the Sector V party pad. Rs 691-plus

Scrapi Impression @ Scrapyard: This theatrically served drink packs the punch of pineapple with pomegranate juice along with the freshness of thyme leaves for a balance in flavour, at the Camac Street brewery. Rs 401-plus

Gin with Grapefruit and Rosemary Popsicle @ Air1910: This is a fun drink at the brand new lounge bar o Camac Street. It has a base of rosemary- and grapefruit-infused gin, and is served along with a popsicle with the same flavours, and a chunk of fresh grapefruit. Rs 645-plus

Asian Summer @Hyatt Regency Kolkata: Taking you straight to a Thailand getaway is this Asian-flavoured sip that has coconut water, kaffir lime, and galangal along with basil and lemongrass. A truly refreshing drink, especially if you’re missing a holiday. Rs 850-plus

Jiji & T @Truly Publik: A refreshing, aromatic, bitter-sweet drink, made with gin, whisky, gondharaj and curry leaf cordial. A fresh take on Indian flavours at the Southern Avenue pub. Rs 495-plus

Belgavia @Eddy’s: The perfect looker of a drink to order for your next date, this cutesy sip has the cooling taste of cucumber, elderflower and lime juice, at the latest entrant in Sector V. Rs 499-plus

Hermione Ginger @Please Don’t Talk: A warm, sweet yet tangy sip, here’s a gin-based cocktail with the goodness of ginger juice, fresh oranges and lemon grass at the Ho Chi Minh Sarani pub. Rs 595-plus

Knock Knock It’s Gin O’Clock @Olterra: A harmonious amalgamation of local Bengali flavours, incorporating the fragrant gondhoraj lime infused in a London dry gin with homemade panchphoron tincture that’s a part of every Bengali household. A good balance of sweet and citrus at the Park Street chill zone. Rs 599-plus

Orange Negroni @Zobet: The world-famous Negroni with a hint of orange. The drink is a refreshing one with sweet and tangy notes from the oranges. An ideal summer sip at the Camac Street Spot. Rs 545-plus

Double The Rush @Fairfield by Marriott Kolkata: A quick and easy drink with ingredients like freshly brewed green tea, honey and tonic water mixed with botanical gin. Served chilled with crushed ice and fresh mint leaves, here’s a zesty fresh sip. Rs 600-plus

Romeo & Juliet @M Bar Kitchen & Cocktails: As the name signifies love, which is in a way synonymous with roses, this cocktail is made with gin and in-house cherry liqueur that contributes to its colour. A top-up of rosé is added in the end once everything is blended together and garnished with dried rose petals on the outside, adding to the beauty of this cocktail, at the Park Street party place. Rs 650-plus

The Meady @Ozora: Experience summer freshness in your glass! The cocktail consists of gin with grapefruit and martini rosso. As the name goes, it’s like welcoming you to the meadows since the drink is garnished with fresh flowers in the end, at the Acropolis Mall lounge. Rs 600-plus

Refreshing Your Senses @ITC Royal Bengal:  Celebrate the classic G&T with the kiss of homemade lavender syrup to linger on your senses. This beautiful drink with fresh flowers is available at Sky Point as well as The Brass Room. Rs 425-plus

Tomato Spritz at Trapeze: A simple yet potent drink that has a slight tang from cherry tomatoes. This looker of a drink is served with fresh edible flowers that make it Instagrammable. Rs 525-plus

Pictures: Courtesy the various restaurants

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