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’Tis the season to be fruity! Celebrate summer with these fruit-based treats

Make the best of summer fruits with these easy and viral recipes from Instagram

Jaismita Alexander | Published 19.05.24, 05:27 PM

In the warm embrace of summers in India, a cornucopia of fruits are available on the market — offering a refreshing and healthy respite from the heat. From varieties of fleshy, succulent mangoes to juicy watermelons, litchis and jamuns — one has a buffet of fruits to choose from. While relishing the fruits as is, you can also make delicious desserts and drinks with them. All you need are some easy recipes. My Kolkata has bookmarked a few easy ones from Instagram for this edition of Reels of the Week.

The mango and litchi pact! 

If you are a fan of litchis and have been relishing it only in drinks or as a fruit, then here is an interesting recipe by @snehasinghi1. Sneha Singhi Upadhyay has reimagined litchis in an innovative way by pairing it up with mangoes. And guess what is the other ingredient? It is cottage cheese! Sneha has given a delish twist to Bengal’s favourite sweet by filling mango sandesh into the litchis. If you are up for some fruity mishtis, this one will be perfect for your cravings.


The King Halwa

If mango is the king of fruits, does the mango halwa qualify as the king of halwas? Digital creator @myflavourfuljourney has created a melt-in-the-mouth Mango Kesari or Mango Halwa with pulpy mangoes and rava (sooji). The recipe is simple to make and is a perfect dessert for all the mango lovers. And if you are a halwa fan too, you will fall in love with it and make it again and again till the mango season lasts. Because that's how a mango lover is supposed to enjoy the king of fruits! Check out the reel for a detailed recipe.

Watermelon or pudding? 

Sometimes, cut watermelons can look too cute to eat. @re.na_cuisine has created a watermelon bread pudding that looks like it has popped out of our favourite cartoon. A perfect jiggly pudding in the shape of a melon is a treat to the eyes and definitely to the palate too! If you have kids at home, this pudding will be a fun dessert for them. Made with coconut milk, milk and white chocolate, it is a healthy homemade dessert. To give it a melony flavour, you can use watermelon juice instead of milk and let the agar agar set the pudding. Get the recipe below.

Shake to refresh! 

Soft, jiggly and juicy — if you are a fan of fruits, ice-apples have to be on your list! These little fleshy fruits come from the palmyra. The fruit holds a juice inside that bursts when you bite into the flesh. Making the experience more refreshing, @adeliciousbowl has made an ice-apple milkshake. The super simple recipe makes a thick milky drink topped with bits of the fruits. You will be reminded of Mogu Mogu! While you can peel and enjoy the fruit, once in a while, it is fun to try some new recipes. Isn’t it?

Instant Achaar

If you are an achaar person, you might be having it for every meal. If a day comes when you run out of achaar and have raw mangoes at home, you can make an instant achaar. Or you can still make it because it is raining raw mangoes in the market now! @meghnasfoodmagic has shared a simple recipe of raw mango instant achaar that you can enjoy with rice, roti, paratha, sabji or just relish it on a hot summer afternoon after a meal. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to make this.

Popsicles, anyone?

What’s summer without popsicles? You can make popsicles with literally any summer fruit if you blend them and make a puree. But have you tried wood apple popsicles? If you have been enjoying this wonder of a fruit as a tangy chutney, it is time you try out something new. @chef_sapumal has made a unique wood apple coconut popsicle. Watch the reel to follow the simple recipe. These are small wood apples that are sour. You can also try the recipe with the bigger and sweeter wood apple. And guess what, you don't need any molds for these. Just grab a few paper cups and some ice-cream sticks!

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