Beyond the G&T: Craft gin cocktail recipes from the ’gram

Enjoy the best of the juniper berry with these bookmark-worthy and gin-soaked reels

Jaismita Alexander Published 09.06.24, 05:41 PM

World Gin Day is observed every year on the second Saturday of June. It is a global celebration of the much-loved spirit of juniper berries, popularly now known as gin.

World Gin Day founded in 2009 by Neil Houston and is not just a day about kicking back with a refreshing G&T, but it is a cultural celebration that brings together gin enthusiasts, who further engage in conversation about the drink. The history is discussed, pairings are curated and cocktails are stirred.


Following up to World Gin Day (June 8), My Kolkata scouted Instagram reels to bookmark some fun and innovative gin cocktails for gin aficionados.

Gin & Jam Cocktail

If the name reminds you of Jim-Jam biscuits, be sure for the cocktail to recreate the taste of the jammy cookie. Stirred with a sweet jam, this gin cocktail is the simplest to make. @kirtibhoutika has also recreated this amazing cocktail while on a vacation and as she points out, this cocktail is travel-friendly! Hitting the hills with your friends? Pick up your favourite gin, jam and some tonic water. You’ll be in for a lovely cocktail fix in no time.

Gin and Jagermeister cocktail

Are you someone who likes a flavour-packed cocktail? Then, Jagermeister will be a good addition to your gin. Keeping away the hassle of cutting and chopping, adding 50ml of Jagermeister does the job just right. If you serve this drink at a party and hide the bottle of Jagermeister from your friends, you will be crowned the in-house mixologist! The blend of spices and herbs elevates the flavours and makes the cocktail a craft one. Find the simplest recipe by @indianbarwala.

Gin Jamun Chuski

Taking gin cocktails to another level, @saranshgoila has made a Gin and Jamun Chuski. The cocktail is a fun affair as it adds elements of your childhood while you enjoy your adulting phase. The fresh, sweet and tangy jamuns in a chuski dipped in gin can be the highlight of any house party in this summer heat. As long as the jamuns last, grab your gin bottle and get going. But be careful, because Goila says, “No one can have just one.”

Lychee Gimlet

Some fruits deserve to be relished in more than one way. But the lychee is one fruit that enters the market, stays for a couple of days and disappears. So, this celeb of a fruit should also deserve some special treatment. @saltinall makes a refreshing lychee gimlet. While you enjoy your gin, the sweet taste of lychee enhances the flavours. Give it a try with some juicy fresh lychees and surprise your guests.

Cranberry Gin Fizz

If crafty cocktails are your thing, then this Cranberry Gin Fizz will be a fun affair. Muddled lemons and Thai basil in gin stirred with cranberry juice and tonic water makes for a cool cocktail that beats the heat. Also, the bright red colour is beautiful and instantly lifts up your mood after a busy day at work. Need a foolproof recipe? @karanfoodfanatic got it for you. And if you want to feel more crafty, you can use real cranberries instead of store-bought juice and add in creative garnishes.

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