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Summer Cocktails

Beat the heat with some specially curated cocktails for the Kolkata summer

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Rohini Chakraborty | Published 03.05.23, 08:51 AM

Pictures: Rashbehari Das and the outlets

When the sun is beating down on us or the humidity is draining us, we all crave a cool sip. While the usual summer drinks like lassis and lemonades keep us hydrated all day, in the evening after a hard day’s work we do sometimes want a cool sip of our fave tipple. Pubs and lounges across the city are ensuring we get want we want by infusing summer flavours and fresh fruits into cocktails. t2 checked out 11 F&B spots around the city that have curated some special summer cocktail blends with refreshing ingredients and flavours. Here’s getting you a taste.

What: Caribbean Sea


Where: Roots

When we think summer, we think something blue and calming, hence Roots’s pretty blue Caribbean Sea cocktail is made with white rum, blue curacao syrup, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and lime juice, shaken well with ice and poured in a coconut flake-rimmed martini glass, garnished with a pineapple slice. Coconut syrup is vegan and has a lower GI compared to regular sugar, making it an ideal alternative sweetener. So next time you hit the party pad in Chowringhee you know what to call for.

Price: Rs 549

What: Gingo Cooler

Where: Lord of the Drinks

This slushie cocktail is made with tequila, sweet and sour syrup, mango pulp and ginger syrup, mixed with shaved ice and poured into the glass frozen. A cocktail you can eat, at the South City Mall hangout!

Price: Rs 595

What: The Perfumer’s G&T

Where: UNO Pizzeria & Grill

This fizzy cocktail is made with cardamom-infused gin mixed with rose and cucumber syrup, lime juice, ginger ale, tonic water and topped with soda. Nothing can be more refreshing than a rose and cucumber-infused cocktail on a hot afternoon, at the pizzeria in Swabhumi.

Price: Rs 649

What: Rosemary Blush

Where: Nocturne

This pretty pink cocktail at the Shakespeare Sarani nightclub is made with gin, fresh pomegranate muddled with rosemary leaf, grapefruit juice, and lime juice and finished with grenadine syrup and garnished with a slice of fresh grapefruit and rosemary leaves. Grapefruit is known to have powerful antioxidants.

Price: Rs 495

What: Ingraj Bazar

Where: Olterra

In hot summer afternoons our grandmothers used to make aam pora shorbot during our childhood days. The Park Street party spot has paired aam pora shorbot with the subtle smoky and caramel notes of blue agave tequila and finished with homemade spice dust.

Price: Rs 749

What: Havelock Hour

Where: Bombay Brasserie

This green drink is made at the Quest mall restaurant by mixing Bacardi white rum, green melon syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice and matcha tea powder, shaken well together with muddled sage leaves.

Price: Rs 625

What: Boman’s Beer Rhapsody

Where: Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Summers and beers are best friends and hence this fruity build-up concoction at the South City Mall eatery is made with lemon juice, peach syrup, elderflower syrup, orange juice, apple juice, beer and vodka with added fresh fruits like a watermelon slice, apple slice, grape slice grapefruit slice, lime slice and one pinch salt.

Price: Rs 625

What: Summer Angel

Where: Refinery091

Vodka is mixed with litchi juice, lavender syrup, lime juice, egg whites and muddled basil leaves. The liner is made with a unique combination of basil seeds, apple cider, muddled cucumber, gin topped with ginger ale, and edible orchid flowers. A floral summer drink for you at the Sector V party spot.

Price: Rs 491

What: Coffee Mint Julep

Where: Bakstage Gourmet

For coffee lovers, this caffeinated variation is worth trying out when you need a refreshing drink to boost, made with an espresso shot, mint syrup, bourbon and crushed ice, at the Sector V hangout.

Price: Rs 345

What: Scarlet Head

Where: The Irish House

Summers are incomplete without watermelons. This refreshing drink is made by mixing white rum with fresh watermelon juice, fresh ginger and stevia (for weight watchers), at the Quest mall pub.

Price: Rs 445

What: Vodka Smash

Where: Phoenix

This cocktail at the Shakespeare Sarani pub is made with vodka, sugar syrup and lime juice muddled with cucumbers, coriander leaves and celery stick and topped with soda.

Price: Rs 590

Last updated on 03.05.23, 08:51 AM

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