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By It’s a Ranchi band with an Edgy global sound. A philadelphia mag is all ears. So are A growing band of listeners. t2 tunes in Arti S. Sahuliyar
  • Published 16.04.12

This band of rockers strums to a different beat. With a name like Conflicting Resonance, you believe them when they call themselves an alternative rock band. And now, this Ranchi band of five boys find themselves in Drexel University-Philadelphia’s monthly newsletter, The Triangle, for their latest album Chance Hope Choices.

The right noises started happening when they uploaded their band profile and album on YouTube, Facebook and ReverbNation. And then, The Triangle happened.

No, it’s not the Rolling Stone yet. It’s good times for members Arpit Aseem, Anurag Lakra, Gautam Ekka, James Minz and Cosmos Toppo, St Xavier’s School alumnus and currently undergrads at St Xavier’s College.

All the seven English tracks started getting fans. If the nostalgia-addicts loved tracks like Days, those looking for bold, edgy lyrics loved the shock value of C-m inside. For the die-hard romantics, Can’t Let You Go was a great mellow choice for their playlist. And those rare souls looking for something cerebral weren’t disappointed either. The last track, Epitaph of an Addict, is, hold your breath, inspired by Sir Thomas Gray’s poem Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. It’s about dying young.

“We’re jammin’ since years. This band was formed in 2006. The band has seen a lot of blood and sweat, and now it’s time for some glory,” said lead guitarist Gautam.

About finding mention in The Triangle, Gautam called it “incredible”.

“We couldn't have asked for more. We are a small-town band with a global sound. And we got access to a global magazine right after we uploaded our music on the net,” Gautam said.

They are also getting raves from the campus fest circuit. “The first prize at Bitotsav-2012 of BIT Mesra and the crowd response at IIT-Kharagpur Spring Fest was fantastic,” said drummer Anurag.

And yes, they are making music for a new album. “Jammin’ keeps us going,” signed off Gautam.