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Prince Narula on reality show, marriage and more

‘I always say that in a reality show it is about instant fame but you have to handle that and make use of the platform to work’

Priyanka Roy  Published 12.03.21, 12:08 AM
Prince Narula

Prince Narula Sourced by the correspondent

Unplugged Courtyard, on the rooftop of The Golden Park, was buzzing with positive energy on Sunday with Roadies man Prince Narula launching a Roadies anthem under his new label Wiinning Records. Prince’s journey with Roadies started six years ago when he won the show that year, and since then the 30-year-old has aced one reality show after another, Splitsvilla to Bigg Boss to Nach Baliye.

At Unplugged Courtyard, Prince entertained party-goers by singing the anthem, along with other songs like Brown munde, Kudiye mi teri and Kaun tha tumko lene aaya, to which fans sang along and matched steps.


Before the launch, wechatted with Prince on the idea behind the anthem, Roadies then and now, and what makes him and his wife Yuvika (who he met on Bigg Boss) ‘filmy’.

The new Roadies anthem has over 1.5 million views on YouTube already. What’s the feedback been like?

It has been released by my new label, Wiinning Records. New labels take time to reach people. But right from the first song we released, we received a good response. It’s getting good views on social media and growing every day. The messages I keep getting are very motivating. Those who couldn’t participate in the show or those who didn’t get selected, so many of them texted. When they work out at home or build themselves up, they get a boost listening to this song and that keeps them motivated. I am very happy that we released this song.

What was the idea behind launching this anthem?

When we were thinking about this song we had long discussions. (Starboy) LOC (Prince’s collaborator on the anthem) is a fan of Roadies too. I told him, ‘Yeah you are a fan, but you couldn’t come. So now you write it in your own way that you are a roadie too. He is a roadie because he hustles every day. Those who work at home are also roadies, they are working so much in life to run their houses. It is not just about being a part of the show.

I have known LOC for a very long time. He said that he wrote this song and I need to rap on this. So, I told him that if you write the rap the way I want it, then I will (smiles). And when he sent the song to me, I thought I will take it a step further with all the people involved in the journey of Roadies, including common people. There’s Raftaar, Neha (Dhupia), Rannvijay (Singha)…. There are previous contestants too.

Your journey with Roadies started in 2015 when you won the show. From that to being a gang leader and now launching the anthem, what’s the journey been like?

Amazing! It’s been like a rollercoaster. Struggle is very important, that is what keeps you connected to your roots. The journey has been smooth, we have entertained a lot of people and earned a lot of respect. As a contestant, it was fun, as there was no pressure, as contestants play for themselves. But when you are playing for a team, then there is pressure. Those five kids are your responsibility, the show is your responsibility.

Do you remember the first day you walked in for the audition?

Yes. Now also, when I scroll through social media and I see people sharing those stories I still get goosebumps. It feels very good that in such a short span of time, I have received so much blessings and love from people. I never thought I would win four shows (Roadies, Splitsvilla, Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye) consecutively. But I always had faith in my hard work. I believe in good work and God.

My dad would always teach me, if you truly love something, then that will never leave you because you are giving it your everything. I have loved all the shows. Whenever I went to play, I thought of those shows as mine and I gave my 100 per cent to those shows.

Who is a true roadie for you? Has the idea of a roadie evolved over the years for you?

The show goes through a lot of changes , the concept gets changed. In every reality show, people say we want to work for people but they don’t. They only talk. So, we thought ours is a youth show and we will do it. We are faces that stand for the youth and if we do it, going forward, people will also do it. If you do well on this show then people love you so much that after that, you just have to make use of this platform. The show gives you a stage and you can start your career from there.

I always think of this show as the best and I leave a lot of other work for this show too. I missed 10 days of the last season because I got infected with Covid-19. I miss the show very much if I can’t be there.

If you didn’t get into the world of showbiz, what would you have done?

I never had a plan B. I always focus on one thing and keep striving for that. But if Roadies didn’t happen, then I would not be a part of this profession. I would do business and bodybuilding. I would be working with my brother.

What has been the most rewarding and most disheartening part of being a part of the reality TV world?

The most difficult part is that the fame is fleeting... it stays for a year. This is the reason some people get a bad name, they win the show and then disappear because they don’t utilise the fame. They go partying after winning to see if people can recognise them. That is the time when they should actually work, it is their peak time where people want to see them. But then they waste that time. When they feel like working, by that time new people arrive and their time is up already.

I always say that in a reality show it is about instant fame but you have to handle that and make use of the platform to work. I feel I still have a long way to go. Before this journey started, I was a huge party freak, but when I came into this profession I realised that if I am not serious with my work, then I can be replaced. Everyone has a replacement. I knew I had to remain focused and keep working hard.

What works for your marriage with Yuvika and how do you like spending time together?

We are very filmy and we are each other’s world. We know that as long as we stick by each other and support each other, life is going to be good. We chill together at home and we never feel bored. If you leave a camera around us, you will see we are so filmy that you can make a movie out of it! (Laughs)

It’s a blessing whenever I get to work with her. There is a comfort level and emotions also come out naturally. Whenever we do a romantic number together, it doesn’t feel like work. We feel like it is our everyday life.

Pictures: Pabitra Das

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