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By A t2 guide for the pork, ham and bacon lover! and we don’t mean Park Street
  • Published 20.11.13

Kerala Dry Pork @ Bibi of Taaja’s

If Malayali food until now meant chicken and mutton in the city, add pork to the list. Served with a bowl of steamed rice, the pork (no fat, all meat) is strongly flavoured with mustard seeds, chilli, grated coconut and curry leaves. Spicy and how, it’s the best you can enjoy from God’s Own Country sitting at 35 Dhakuria Station Road (road below Dhakuria bridge) in Calcutta!

Pocket pinch: Rs 250 (plus taxes).

Also try: Pork Vindaloo, Ham Cheese Squares, Ham or Bacon Risotto, Cajun Pork Ribchops, Pork Momos.

Chilli Pork @ Momo I Am

This dish comes with quite some fatty pieces — and we all know that a true pork lover loves the fat too! Stir-fried with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and chillies, make sure you tell the folks at 195C Jodhpur Gardens (left from Lord’s crossing towards Lake Gardens) “jhaal kum”. Unless you like it really hot.

Pocket pinch: Rs 140.

Also try: Pork Momos, Pork Shyapta, Thai Red Curry Pork, Pork Bun Momo and Cantonese Pork Sausage Noodles.

Burgundy Burger @ Caramelle

Think bacon, onion rings and chicken cutlet spilling out from the buns of the Burgundy Burger! It’s yummy, it’s filling and it’s available at the cafe-cum-patisserie at 45 Jhowtala Road (diagonally opposite Modern High School for Girls). The French Burgundy sauce gives it a robust flavour. And it arrives with a serving of French fries!

Pocket pinch: Rs 180 (plus taxes).

Also try: Pork Chop, Tenderloin (Beef Steak), Croque Madame Sandwich (ham and cheese).

Cheese and Bacon Omelette @ Wise Owl

Give us today our daily bacon.

If you can’t wait till noon, start with breakfast in this cafe at 66/2B Purna Das Road. The Cheese and Bacon Omelette, whipped up English style, is available 7.30am-11am.

Pocket pinch: Rs 120.

Also try: Ham Sandwich, Meat Lovers Club Sandwich, Ham Steak Burger with BBQ Sauce and Ham Risotto.

Meat Lover burger @ Rubi’s Grill

At Rs 125, it’s a steal deal. Comes loaded with ham, sausage and bacon (add a meat patty for Rs 90 more) — all happily piled on top of each other at the 7/2B Dover Lane (opposite Dover Lane post office) eatery. Served with French Fries on the side, the challenge is, can you finish this?

Pocket pinch: Rs 125 (plus taxes).

Also try: Grande Burger, Lamb Bacon Potato Salad, Beef Steak and Lamb Steak.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns @ Bohemian

No food combination is impossible for chef Joymalya Banerjee. At his 32/4 Old Ballygunge (off Bondel Road) den, prawns come neatly wrapped in bacon slices and are held together with toothpicks. Served with an orange and jalapeno dip — just yummy.

Pocket pinch: Rs 469 (plus taxes).

Also try: Ham Steak Chef Joy Style, Spicy Pork Curry Anglo Indian Spice, Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Aam Kasundi reduction.

Pork Spare Ribs @ Mango People

Two large spare ribs in one plate. Fork and knife in your hand. Attack. A must-try at this 23/31 Gariahat Road (on the road leading to South City College) eatery.

Pocket pinch: Rs 325 (plus taxes).

Also try: Pork Keema, Bacon Wrapped Chicken/Prawn, Ham/Bacon Omelette, Pork Momos.

Pepper Pork @ Hungry Tide

If you are sceptical about the quality of pork served at para eateries, then rest assured that the 37C Hindusthan Park (second right from Gol Park down Purna Das Road) outlet is just fine. The succulent pork is stir-fried with onions, garlic and bell pepper, and flavoured with freshly ground pepper and oyster sauce. Served with salted rice, it’s simple, colourful and tasty!

Pocket pinch: Rs 160.

Also try: Chicken Cordon Bleu (chicken supreme stuffed with ham and cheese), Club Sandwich, Tangy Pork, Pork Satay, Ham and Cheese Squares.

Pork Sorpotel @ Bongoan

This really spicy dish (read HOT!), as you can well make out from the dark reddish-brown masala, is of Portuguese origin. Traditionally, sorpotel is made with pork liver but playing to Calcutta’s fancies, this version at 817/4 Kalikapur Road (Bypass connector, opposite SBI) is with just pork. Think chunky pieces with a layer of fat, nice and tangy thanks to the tamarind and vinegar, and best teamed with steamed rice. Or even paratha.

Pocket pinch: Rs 225 (plus taxes).

Also try: Pork Xacutti, Pork Chop, Pork Bhuni, Pork Vindaloo and Pork Momos.

Text: Sneha Dutta

Pictures: Rashbehari Das & Anindya Shankar Ray
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