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Madhurima Basak shares her career shape up in 2023 and her experience in Lady Queen Gents Parlour

‘I have worked with some of the best actors and craftsmen in the industry’

Arindam Chatterjee Published 02.10.23, 10:13 AM

Picture: Koushik Saha

The story of the Addatimes series Lady Queen Gents Parlour revolves around a girl, Nishigondha (Madhurima Basak), who was sent abroad to study hospitality management but she ends up learning hairstyling. “Her passion and dream is to open a boutique salon where she’ll only do the haircuts of men. People around her start behaving in a strange way when they get to know that she wants to take up hairstyling as her profession. She faces a lot of upheavals at her home too,” says Madhurima. On the other hand, there is another family where the father figure, Madhai Babu (played by Kharaj Mukherjee) was a much-celebrated hairstylist. He ends up shutting his salon because of various reasons.

“The journey starts when Nishigondha meets Madhai Babu and they decide to open a salon. Madhai Babu’s ambition is to revive his old salon which was shut down,” says Madhurima.


Directed by Sagnik Chatterjee, Lady Queen Gents Parlour also stars Manasi Sinha, Joey Deb Roy and Rohaan Bhattacharya in lead roles. The music of the series is helmed by Saptak Sanai Das. A t2 chat with Madhurima.

Tell us more about your character.

I play a girl who chooses to go on the path less travelled and the challenges and hurdles she faces on her journey, and yet she triumphs against all odds. She was sent to France to study hospitality management but she comes back as a hairstylist after doing a course there. Then she decides to start a gents beauty parlour in her locality all by herself and then all hell breaks loose. She is strong, opinionated and resilient... yet vulnerable, emotional and misunderstood.

Your character learns hairstyling and opens a boutique salon. How did you do your homework for this one?

The elementary training on how to hold a scissor and comb was from my hairstylist at the shoot. For the rest I put my trust in my director’s vision and how he wanted the character to be.

Could you connect to your character at any level?

I like well-groomed men with good hair and cool hairdos. And I love design so that connection was obviously there. Though I never intended to be a hairstylist, given the profession I am in, I have had to experiment with hairstyles regularly. I generally self-style my hair too while attending any event.

How was your shooting experience?

It was fun and a learning experience. I had a lot of scenes which were equally fun to shoot. The whole crew bonded well and the finished product has come out really well.

What was it like working with Kharaj Mukherjee?

I am humbled by this opportunity. He is a powerhouse performer who steals the show and commands the screen no matter who he is sharing the screen with... he is so rooted and encouraging. He always works towards the scene as a whole and not just individual acting. He is an institution.

How’s the feedback so far?

It has been extremely encouraging... I have got positive responses from whoever has seen the series. It keeps you engaged with the right dose of emotions.

How has 2023 shaped up for you so far?

Fairly well. I have been acknowledged for my work. I have worked with some of the best actors and craftsmen in the industry and learned from them. I’m sure that post-interval it is going to get better.

What are your goals now?

To do good work that is soul-satisfying, to travel more and live every moment... over the past years, this is the only thing that I have realised to be the only reality of life... that this very moment is life and it will never be the same again.

Would you return to television if you got the right script?

Television is taxing and takes a toll due to the hectic schedule and you tend to miss out on the little gems that come along the way. Right now I want to focus on a certain kind of work and characters that television may not offer. But then it will always be like homecoming returning to television, so someday soon maybe with the right script.

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