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Madhubanti Bagchi and Tahsan Khan sing Coke Studio Bangla’s latest track Dokhino Hawa

The original Sachin Dev Burman song has been arranged and produced by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob
Tahsan Khan and Madhubanti Bagchi in ‘Dokhino Hawa’
Tahsan Khan and Madhubanti Bagchi in ‘Dokhino Hawa’
Coke Studio Bangla@YouTube

Pooja Mitra   |   Calcutta   |   Published 05.08.22, 02:28 PM

The latest track from Coke Studio Bangla Season 1 is a reprise of legendary singer-composer Sachin Dev Burman’s classic Shono Go Dokhino Hawa, blending the song Utture Hawa by Syed Gousul Alam Shaon. 

Coke Studio Bangla’s Dokhino Hawa features Kolkata girl Madhubanti Bagchi collaborating with Bangladeshi musician and actor Tahsan Khan on the track. 

The foot-tapping number has Shayan Chowdhury Arnob on the keyboard. Shayan has also curated, produced, composed and arranged Dokhino Hawa

Describing the song, Coke Studio Bangla shared: “#DokhinoHawa captures the magical pulse of first love. The whimsical arbitrariness that surrounds the rush of emotions felt at the beginning of any romantic relationship. The highs and lows of affection come with varying degrees of love, where the slightest lack of attention can create a change of mood, and like the flow of a breeze change directions from time to time.” 

The lyrics of the original folk ballad Shono Go Dokhino Hawa were written by Sachin Dev Burman’s wife, Mira. 

With the background vocals, keyboards, electric guitars, drums and trumpet harmoniously merging into one another, Dokhino Hawa becomes a song to play on loop. 

Madhubanti, who predominantly does playback for Bengali and Malayalam films, started her career with Mainak Bhaumik’s 2013 film Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends. She has also sung for in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada web series.

Tashan Khan started his music career with the band Black in Bangladesh. He later left the band and launched his solo music career with the album Kothopokothon. One of his popular songs is Alo Alo from the album Icche.

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