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Juhi Parmar on playing a ’90s mom in Yeh Meri Family Season 3 and her podcast for women

TVF’s Yeh Meri Family Season 3 co-starring Rajesh Kumar and Hetal Gada is streaming on Amazon MiniTV

Soujannya Das Calcutta Published 23.04.24, 05:06 PM
Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar Instagram

Television star Juhi Parmar talked to us about her role in Amazon MiniTV’s Yeh Meri Family Season 3 and her newly-launched podcast She Rose.

Amazon MiniTV’s Yeh Meri Family is set in the 1990s. What was it like diving into that era and playing a character from that period?


Juhi Parmar: It was very nostalgic. My childhood was in the ’90s. For me it is a very nostalgic period and so it is for so many people out there. I feel that is why out of nostalgia people relate to the show so much and like it.

⁠What about your character Kiran Bedi do you like the most?

Juhi Parmar: She is a very principled woman. She is someone who believes in taking responsibilities and fulfilling them no matter how burdened she is with other things. Family is her priority. She knows how to balance work and home, and she is quite a go-getter.

She is a natural in the way she looks in the show. That is how all the women are at home, and especially back in the ’90s mothers would just tie their hair in a messy bun; they would not be decked up at home. The simplicity and innocence of this character makes it so endearing. I’m happy that I got to play a character where I did not have to take the support of a glamorous look and could be as natural as possible.

The third season is about mistakes and growing from them. What is your take on it?

Juhi Parmar: It is a very important lesson. Mistakes are a part of every human being’s life because we all keep making mistakes and it has got nothing to do with how old you are. We keep learning from our mistakes.

Season 3 of Yeh Meri Family is all about realising your mistakes, accepting them, owning up to them. It’s also about the family, how they accept you and love you unconditionally irrespective of the mistakes you make. It is all about learning from your own mistakes and having unconditional support from the family.

Your fans love to see you dance to old songs on Instagram…

Juhi Parmar: I also love to dance on all these classic songs and I’m glad that my fans and followers also love it. Everytime I post a reel like that, they pour so much love in the comment. It is a love which is mutual and I’m happy about it.

This Women’s Day, you launched your podcast where you interviewed some inspirational women. What is the podcast all about?

Juhi Parmar: I thought of wanting to do something for women out there. Reaching out to them, inspiring them, motivating them was an idea and a deep desire that was in me for a very, very long time. My team and I were thinking of how to execute it and then we came up with ‘She Rose’, the podcast where we thought that it would be beautiful to have women sharing their experiences, challenges and inspiring stories.

People tell me how they look up to me and my journey and feel inspired when they see how I fought against all odds and rose after hitting rock bottom. But I felt that I wanted women to know that this strength is not just in me, it is there in all women. I wanted to bring stories of other women from different fields and tell them that they have it in themselves to overcome any problem. It just fell in place at the right time and it was received so beautifully by everyone.

⁠What are some of the things you would like to share as advice for women who are new to single parenting and are struggling with it?

Juhi Parmar: More than advice, I would just want to tell everyone that do not get bogged down by judgements because people are going to pass judgements and it is the easiest thing to do when a woman chooses the path of single parenting. Nobody knows the details of what went wrong and why you chose to be on this path.

Once you are on it, just believe in yourself because we are what we think. Our thoughts make us. If you think of yourself as someone who can do it and you are positive and strong, you are going to pass every hurdle with flying colours.

Children are very, very sensitive to energy, so if you get bogged down with judgements and responsibilities you are bound to feel low about yourself and your child is going to catch on to that energy. But if you are a happy, positive and confident person, your child is going to take that from you.

Build a beautiful family with your child, look at your child as your biggest support and strength and when you see your child you know that there is no other way but to go upwards and onwards because your child is watching you.

How has single parenting influenced your other choices?

Juhi Parmar: I will not say that single parenting has influenced any of my choices as such. Just becoming a parent is enough. For me the moment I became a parent, my world started revolving around my daughter and every decision of mine is based on keeping her welfare in mind. Even a small thing, like where we are going out to eat today, is first about what my daughter would want to eat. Whenever we are going on a vacation, it’s about where she wants to go and what kind of activities she would like to do. Everything I do is centred around her and it has got nothing to do with being a single parent. The moment you become a parent, your life is all about your child.

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