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Five webtoons that have us hooked with their stunning art styles and riveting plotlines

Here's the five stunning webtoons

Ritika Raha (t2 Intern) Published 13.06.23, 04:39 AM

The Girl Downstairs

Status: Completed, with 154 episodes


Plotline: Socially awkward Joon moves into a new apartment on his first day of college, only to find out a famous ex-celebrity Doona is residing right below him. Joon’s attempt to ignore her goes awry when he finds himself get intrigued by her and her mysterious life. The webtoon is also being adapted into a K-drama with the same name and stars K-pop idol and actress Bae Suzy as Doona. #WeCan’tWait

Operation True Love

Status: Ongoing, with 63 episodes

Plotline: Loved by many Manhwa readers and trending all over the Internet, this Manhwa tells the story of high-school student Shim Su-ae. When her boyfriend for years ditches Su-ae for her step-sister, Su-ae realises how hard it is to find her one true love. However, she finds Jellypop — a sentient flip phone in her locker one day, which surprisingly has to say a lot about her love life! As Su-ae drifts away from her ex, she keeps on running into his friend Eunhyeok, adding an interesting zest to this high-school romance. If you enjoy bubbly or retro girlie-pop aesthetics you will love the art style.

Death: Rescheduled

Status: Ongoing, with 53 episodes

Plotline: From queer creator Aidyn comes this webtoon that is set in a dystopian world where each person gets to kill someone as per their wish, which also means any person can get murdered by anyone at any point. Kreyul learns at a younger age just how brutal this custom is, after the loss of his best friends. Kreyul swears to end this horrendous practice forever.

Viral Hit

Status: Ongoing, with 177 episodes

Plotline: If you have read the famous Manhwa Lookism, then this Manhwa by the same artist/author is definitely a must-read for you. Weak and scrawny Hobin opens his own fighting channel with some advice from a mysterious video, and he fights guys thrice his size and defeats them easily, making him rich and popular overnight. What starts as a casual revenge on his school bullies turns into something more intense, as Hobin gets exposed to the dirty side of politics and crimes. The Manhwa explores different fight styles like karate, tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, etc, in details with almost life-like art styles.


Status: Ongoing, with 193 episodes

Plotline: If you loved Season 1 of the series on Netflix, it’s time to read the webtoon to look into the lives of Nick and Charlie as a couple before the next seasons hit the screen. The webtoon also delves into the relationship of Elle and Tao before all of them head into the most-awaited Paris trip.


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