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First look of director Sayan Basu Chowdhury's new film Kotobaro Bhebechinu

Starring Paayel Sarkar, Darshana Banik, Ishaan Mazumder, Hrishie Raj, Ayush Das and Anumita Dutta

Arindam Chatterjee Published 12.09.23, 11:11 AM
Darshana and Paayel, Ayush and Anumita

Darshana and Paayel, Ayush and Anumita

Director Sayan Basu Chowdhury has wrapped up the shoot of his new film Kotobaro Bhebechinu, starring Paayel Sarkar, Darshana Banik, Ishaan Mazumder, Hrishie Raj, Ayush Das and Anumita Dutta. A t2 chat with Sayan...

Why did you decide to direct this film?


The storyline of this film is what attracted me the most. A deep longing for true love and a search for your soulmate is something many people go through and a story imbibing such factors made me direct this film. I have always wanted to tell love stories consisting of the complicated nature of human personality.

What is the genesis of the film?

We used to read short love stories in our childhood. The genesis came from those beautiful depictions of love where we have to wait for our loved ones for an eternity yet in our hearts we never give up.

Tell us about your casting choices.

Paayeldi is one of my childhood favourites and I thought she is well suited to depict such a tough character with the complicated nature of the plot. I have worked with Ishaan Mazumder in the past and his look and subtlety are very suited for the role. This is my first collaboration with Darshana Banik and her character suits her perfectly.



What are their strengths as actors?

Paayel is extremely dedicated and always in the character while shooting, which makes it very easy to go through every scene elegantly. Both Ishaan and Darshana are powerhouse talents given their dedication towards every scene and intricately emoting each dialogue.

What are the high points of the film?

I think the love story is the high point here. The turmoil, the struggle, the sacrifice each character goes through and how they emerge as better persons is something really interesting for the audience.

What I am trying to say through the film is that people are complicated. We sometimes tend to let our ego get in the way of our love and how that affects us in our lives. A simple sorry or a simple hug could have resolved a conflict, which people tend not to do and let themselves go through severe pain only for the fulfillment of their ego.

How was the shooting experience?

Fantastic and very tough. We shot the entire movie in 12 days in and around West Bengal with rain every next hour. But the experience was fantastic working with so many talented people as we all worked tenaciously and I got to learn a lot too.

Tell us more about the film title.

Kotobaro Bhebechinu means to think about something frequently. There are certain issues in our life we think about frequently but something stops us from resolving them. These unresolved matters build up over time to give us a longing for true love which is near yet so far from us.

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