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By t2 turns aladdin and helps you make AS TOLD TO GOPA PINCHA
  • Published 19.10.13

Magic in your den with carpets!Having grown up watching the tricks of the trade in a family business of carpeting, it was only a matter of time before Rashi Bajaj switched from a corporate career to the world of bespoke carpeting. She launched her label, Carpet Couture by Rashi, in 2009, select pieces of which are retailed from Onset (at 51/2 Hindustan Park). t2 spoke to the expert who broke a few myths about carpets...

Myth: What looks good in the store will look equally good in your home or workspace.

Fact: Every room or space has its own character and vibe. The floor, lighting and theme of any room or area is different from another. And while most carpets would look fantastic in a showroom setting, they may not set well in the space you have. I always recommend clients to select four to five different pieces which, when installed in the appropriate setting, helps them get the perfect sense and feel of which carpet would do justice.

Myth: Carpets are difficult to maintain — they stain and wear out easily.

Fact: It’s important to keep in mind the functionality and practicality of a carpet while choosing one for your living space. Choosing a light-coloured carpet for a space used very frequently by kids and/or pets is simply being silly. If you stain the carpet, mix your regular detergent with water and use a cotton cloth to wash the stained area at the earliest. Similarly, regular vacuum-cleaning or brushing with a hard stick broom or coat brush will keep your carpet healthy. Remember to brush the entire carpet in only one direction. Dry-cleaning the carpet every one or two years also helps, but cleaning at home should suffice for most of your carpet’s life, which could be anywhere between 10-12 years for a home setting and five to six years for public spaces where the footfall is higher.

Myth: Carpets are harmful for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

Fact: Carpets actually help absorb dust and pollen from its environment and, contrary to widespread belief, have no role in aggravating the conditions of those suffering from asthma or allergies. As long as the regular cleaning cycle is in place, there is no reason to worry.

Myth: Shedding of the carpet fabric means something is wrong or that the carpet is poorly made.

Fact: Shedding of carpet fabric is a natural process that results from regular use. If you see threads coming out, do not try to pull them out as doing so will only ruin your carpet. Instead, trim them with a pair of scissors.

1. The erased look, also known as the lost weave — more like abstract patterns
2. Monotones with geometric cuts
3.The engraved look where the patterns on the carpet are prominent on the surface.
4. Neon colours like orange and teal