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Birthday girl

Mimi Chakraborty on spreading joy through music, her changing outlook towards life and Being practical

Arindam Chatterjee Published 10.02.20, 08:51 PM
Mimi in the song Pari hun main, which drops today

Mimi in the song Pari hun main, which drops today (Picture sourced by The Telegraph)

Pari hun main, the third song from Mimi Chakraborty’s album Dreams, is set to drop on YouTube today, on her birthday, and the MP-actress-singer is super excited about it. A t2 chat with Mimi...

Happy birthday Mimi! What are your birthday plans?!


I haven’t planned anything yet… I’ll be at home with my friends!

Will you be throwing a party?

No… I have been through that phase in the past, in my early 20s. I don’t feel like doing it now. It’s best to spend the day with those who really care for you… the near and dear ones. And I am a homebody.

What’s your fave birthday memory?

Every birthday has its own flavour. With time, you mature, your perspective changes… you know what your priorities are… my outlook towards life has changed over the years. In your early 20s, you think and plan so many things. As the years pass, you become more focused. All the birthdays are special to me. I want to do better in life…

Two years ago I was in Bali… it was an amazing birthday. I love beaches… the sea in Bali was in three colours, and there was the blue sky and white sand. What more do you want?!

You are also set to start shooting for a new film with Jeet?

Yes, it’s my first film with him and I am really excited about starting the shoot!

As a person how much have you changed? How do you now look back at the 2011 or 2012 you?

One thing that has remained constant is my love for work… my honesty towards work. I have always been very disciplined. I have seen a lot of things in life, and learnt from them. During the shoot of Bojhena Shey Bojhena everything was so new to me. Abirda (Chatterjee) has been another constant throughout. I had to do so many things in that film… and he had guided me. I would rely on him at that point of time. In 2011 or 2012, I would be constantly working… acting in movies that came my way. I did not give it too much thought… what I should or should not do. I was not very goal-oriented at that point of time. I used to do a lot of films. For the last three years, I have been giving everything a lot of thought. I know my responsibilities; I have become very practical now. I have been going through a strict workout regimen for the last three years now and it has paid off. My life changed after that.

When do you wake up on an off day?

Around 10.30am!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when your birthday approaches? Is it just another day for you?

No, it is a very special day for me. Maybe I don’t say it out loud or express it, but on the inside it feels great to have birthday gifts (smiles)... maybe a surprise party!

Do you make birthday resolutions?

I make mental notes. These days I think of making investments… to not spend frivolously.

Is this the new you?

Yes, I am someone who is responsible, practical, patient... thinks about investments. Around 2010, I used to shop a lot. Not anymore. Also, whenever people say that I cannot do something, I make it a point to give my best to do it. I know I can do it. That has stayed the same. In politics, I give my everything… I don’t want to let anyone down. I honour the belief and faith people have in me.

Also, I don’t feel the void — to be in a relationship — anymore. I am grateful that I don’t feel it. And you cannot plan love… you cannot make it happen. It will happen. Frankly, I am a bit reluctant about all this… amar ekta bhoy hoye gechhey… about getting into a relationship.

Also, I have done so much, so many things in life, by myself. Of course, there are people helping me. But when I want to do something, I do it… I bake, which I love to do. I do household chores because I enjoy it.

Are you open to meeting people when you go for a holiday abroad?

Yes. I have friends all across the world.

Your last release Mon Jaane Na came out during Holi last year. Then you became an MP. And now you have wrapped up the shoot of the film Dracula Sir. Are you approaching anything differently now?

When you go to Italy, you have risotto. You enjoy it then. But when you come back home, you have your aloo-sheddo bhaat. It is just like that. No one can take cinema or performance out of me. I enjoy performing before the camera. I know what I will — or I can do —here. I know what kind of variations or nuances I can offer to enrich my performance. This is where I belong. I know I can do magic before the camera.

Picture: Pabitra Das

Picture: Pabitra Das

Mimi on the sets of Dracula Sir.

Mimi on the sets of Dracula Sir. Picture: Rashbehari Das

Your song Pari hun main drops today…

And this is my fave song! We have shot the video for this song on a beach and in a forest. The music videos (for Dreams) were shot in Turkey because there are the mountains, lakes and hot air balloons. We shot the first music video (for the song Anjana) in Cappadocia. Pari hun main is very upbeat… and the song is about celebrating life, love… it is about joy and happiness, and being grateful to life. And Subhankarda (Bhar, cinematographer) is magic. It has been shot so larger-than-life. For making the three videos, I did not compromise at all.

Your birthday is also three days before Valentine’s Day…

(Laughs out loud) I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Did you get V-Day gifts?!

Nothing that I can remember (smiles).

You went on a film set and faced the camera after almost a year for Dracula Sir…

The camera is like oxygen for me... and I didn’t think about it…

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