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Birthday boy Shantanu Maheshwari chats about his big day

I’m not the kind who’s very excited about my birthday, says Shantanu

Ushnota Paul Published 06.03.19, 07:08 PM
Shantanu Maheshwari

Shantanu Maheshwari Pabitra Das

Calcutta boy and TV hottie Shantanu Maheshwari turns 28 today. t2 caught up with the Dil Dostii Dance star to chat about his birthday plans, romance, heartbreak and more…

Happy birthday! What are your plans for the day?


I’ll be spending some time with my family and I’ll be shooting, mostly. I guess cake cutting will happen where I am shooting.

Any resolutions?

To keep working and keep entertaining the audience. Also, I’m trying to think less and not over-pressurise myself.

What’s your favourite birthday memory?

When I first celebrated my birthday while shooting Dil Dostii Dance in 2012, there were so many people who had sent me gifts and love! That was really very overwhelming and I’ll never forget that birthday… reading so many letters and cards.

What’s your favourite birthday gift?

Handmade cards.

Any particular birthday gift you fondly remember?

There have been so many creative gifts I’ve got from my well-wishers that it’s really hard to pinpoint. They have showcased their art, craft, sketches that takes a lot of time and effort… so there is no favourite one. I know these are just kids and students with no formal training and so that makes it really special for me.

What’s the first thing that you do on birthday mornings?

It’s pretty much the same routine. I’m not the kind who’s very excited about my birthday. I’m not that kind of a person… I’m very chilled out. I try to take a holiday but if work is there, that’s okay too. Maybe I just bathe early! (Laughs)

Any birthday that you’d like to forget?

I’ve always had good birthdays.

Are you getting a haircut on this birthday?

(Laughs) I’ll get a haircut before my birthday but not on that day.

What do you like to eat on your birthday?

My mom prepares something special if I’m home... she tries to surprise me. It’s not like I have a particular requirement of eating something. I love the Rajasthani food and sweets that she makes.

What’s your favourite cake flavour?

I love any fruit-flavoured cake.

If a genie grants you one wish on your birthday, what would you ask for?

Good health, because the rest I can try and achieve myself.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

I’ve never been on a date! But I’d plan the date according to the kind of lady I’m dating. We’d probably go out to eat and explore the city.

Do you remember your first heartbreak?

Fortunately, I’ve never had a heartbreak. Fingers crossed!

What would be a deal breaker for you in a relationship?

A bad sense of humour. But I won’t even start the relationship if the girl doesn’t have a good sense of humour! (Laughs)! I think hypocrisy and dishonesty would be deal breakers.

What turns you on in a potential date?

A good sense of humour and street-smartness.

And what turns you off?


One habit of yours that you’d like to change?

Maybe try and be more active on social media.

Any message for your fans on your birthday?

Thank you for sticking around for so many years, for supporting me and loving my work. It means a lot and you guys really help me in motivating myself. I will be getting your gifts, so don’t worry! Once I get them, I’ll definitely post a video or a picture of the cards that I receive. And I’ll be back soon to entertain you guys.

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