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Ananya is Nancy

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 6.06.12

Frizzy hair, loose pants teamed with a body-hugging top — Ananya Chatterjee is Nancy in Agnidev Chatterjee’s Teen Kanya (inspired by the February 5 Park Street rape case).

“It’s a very challenging role. Nancy is a call girl who gets raped. To portray a call girl and a rape victim at the same time was very challenging,” said Ananya, who has wrapped up her portion of the shoot. “I hope I have done justice to the role. I have never played a call girl before, so getting the body language right was important.”

Is her character modelled on the Park Street rape victim? “Well, it’s a weird coincidence that I have frizzy hair like the real-life person, but that wasn’t intentional. I have always had curly hair and I haven’t done anything to change my look for the film. Agnida (Agnidev) insisted that I look like a regular girl,” Ananya added.

Teen Kanya also stars Rituparna Sengupta as a journalist who helps Nancy seek justice and Mumbai-based Unnati who plays an IPS officer. “Nancy is a very strong woman who will not give up unless she gets justice and for that she can go to any extent. She goes to the cops but they refuse help; that is when Nancy decides to meet a journalist (Rituparna) who helps her in every possible way,” said Ananya.

Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya