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  • Published 20.09.12
Eengineering students of Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) recently reached the finals of Shell-Eco Marathon Competition, Asia-2012 held in Malaysia. We, Team Synchromesh, were fully geared to test skills on the Sepang F1 international circuit. Shell Eco-Marathon is a unique competition focused on design, built and drive of the most energy-efficient car. The Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at a Shell research laboratory in the US as a friendly wager between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicles. The student teams from various schools and colleges around the world battle it out to see who will drive the furthest on the least amount of energy ranging from diesel to solar. Participants have to design the car in such a way that it takes care of the practical needs of everyday driving too. Team Synchromesh comprised ten students and one faculty member from the university. The competition was divided into two broad categories: one was urban concept and the other was prototype concept. We took part in the prototype category which was further divided into different fuel categories such as ethanol, gasoline, solar and others. The team was registered for the gasoline category. The design and analysis of the car was done using Catia software. Altogether 123 out of 170 teams qualified for phase two of the competition and we were among those selected. We cleared the technical inspection round consisting of brake test, engine test, horn test, tyre test and several other tests. On the final day, Keshav Goel and I drove the vehicle on the track by turns. Reaching the final stage of the competition was a moment of glory for all of us. Certainly it was a great learning experience. Aman Agha, third year, automobile engineering, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, Haryana CALCUTTA Fiery carnival Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management's public systems management department organised a two-day fest, called Fiera Fiesta, comprising panel discussions, alumni meet and social welfare programme in September. Fiera means fire and fiesta means carnival and our motto is to ignite the fiery spirit and conduct a carnival providing a platform for interaction between the industries and prospective students. The fest was inaugurated by Samar Jha, member, state planning board of West Bengal. The director of the institute, D.K. Sanyal, was also present. There were panel discussions mediated by technical experts and key industrial personnel participated. The members of panel shared enlightening information regarding decentralisation, working with women workers, microfinancing and e-waste management. The students organised a debate competition and a quiz contest where students from other colleges also participated. Siddhartha Chatterjee, fourth semester, MPSM, IISWBM WRITE IN Do you have any experiences or anecdotes to share with us? Send your contributions to Campus Buzz, Careergraph, The Telegraph, 6 Prafulla Sarkar Street, Calcutta-700 001; Fax: 2236 1208, 2225 3142; e-Mail:
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