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Recipe: Ram Ladoo, a Holi special

Recipe for traditional delicacy shared by executive chef, Avinash Kumar of Novotel Imagica, Khopoli

  • Published 20.03.19, 8:48 PM
  • Updated 20.03.19, 8:48 PM
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Ram Ladoo Novotel Imagica Khopoli



Ram Ladoo
    Step 1

    Wash and soak both the dals in separate bowls for 5-6 hours. Drain the excess water and grind them in a wet grinder with salt.

    Step 2

    Transfer the mixture in a bowl. Add coriander, chilli ginger paste, hing and salt. Mix the mixture well.

    Step 3

    Heat enough oil in a deep wok. Drop a spoonful of batter and deep fry till it is golden brown from all sides.

    Step 4

    Place the ram ladoo on a serving plate, garnish with green chutney and grated radish over it. Sprinkle lemon juice and chaat masala and serve it.