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Raise a toast on tequila day at some of the coolest places in the city

The Telegraph picks some favourites

Pramita Ghosh   |   Published 23.07.21, 11:18 PM

Tikdee Magaria @The Grid: Is it a cocktail or a smoothie? What about both? This tequila silver drink has chopped mangoes, coconut chunks, green apple, castor sugar, lime juice and coconut cream all blended and served in a round-base stone glass. Relish it with fried items. Rs 750

Sunset @ Capella: With shades of maroon, red, blood red and orange, this delish cocktail lives up to its name and how! For someone who loves their cocktails sweet, this one will be an ideal pick as it has home-made pomegranate extract and orange juice as the base of the tequila drink. Served in a footed pilsner with six ice cubes, sip on this cocktail and watch the sun go down. Rs 695


Mexican Orchid Garden @ Refinery 091: Missing those summer vacations like most of us? Have patience and sip on this cocktail that will give you Mexican beach vibes (courtesy the orchids) and the cane basket. This soothing cocktail has the natural sweetness of coconut milk, lavender syrup and tequila that will surely set the party mood right. Rs 599

Stardust @ SKAI: A drink that immediately reminds us of the ombre trend is Stardust. Made with simple ingredients like tequila, lime, cherry, ginger and soda, this refreshing thirst-quenching drink is ideal if you are brunching at the sky bar in Quest mall. Rs 650

Chuski Margarita @ Farzi Cafe: Bring back the good old childhood days by indulging in this unique cocktail-meets-chuski drink that has a tangy-sweet concoction of aam panna and Kaffir lime. On a hot summer day, this is the best way to cool off. Rs 695

Buena Salud @ Pour House: This cocktail that stands for good health in Mexico, has the goodness of Earl Grey tea, Himalayan pink salt solution, mixed with 40ml tequila reposado, Martini Rosso vermouth and wine vinegar. The yummy concoction is served in a beautiful ceramic teapot topped with crushed ice and dehydrated orange. That’s not all, the cocktail is served with nachos on the side. Rs 599

Tik Tok Tequila @ Truly Publik: Sip on this tequila-based cocktail with a hint of desiness! Made with smoked tamarind, cinnamon, chilli and blackberry, this one will get you hic happy! Rs 550

Pistola Smash @Trapeze: If you are looking for a cocktail to surprise you, this one might look white and simple but is highly potent. Made with 60ml tequila, this one has muddled jalapeno, lime juice, mint and cucumber with sugar syrup and shaken with loads of ice. Served in a chilled coupe glass, this one has a refreshing taste and a spicy note of jalapeno. Rs 650

OCTA Blue Bonnet @ OCTA: Looking for something flirty during a date night? This one will spice things up, thanks to the peri peri rimmed glass that smoothly blends with the fine mix of tequila Blanco, Cointreau, blue curacao and grenadine. Bite into the jalapeno slice and enjoy your cocktail. Rs 699-plus

Bourbon Goes to Mexico @ Zobet: Keeping the traditional tequila and salt (the glass rim is dusted with salt) intact, this cocktail has a fruity twist to it. Thanks to the dash of pineapple and pear juice. Rs 545-plus

Pachamam Carolina @ The Brewhive: How about indulging in a sweet and aromatic cocktail? This Carolina cocktail is bound to relax you with the smokiness of applewood fumes and rose petals that are used to garnish this mildly sweet poison that has tequila, aromatic home-made rose liqueur, home-made orange liqueur, nuttiness of almond syrup and a dash of lime. Rs 795

Mexican Mafia @ The Spirits: For someone who loves tequila the simple way, try this one. With a combination of rose syrup and Mexican tequila with a dash of lime, this one is a no-fuss cocktail. Rs 650

La Rosita @ Club Fenicia: With Mexican tequila and Italian aperitifs, this cocktail is rebellious by nature and best enjoyed in summer. So what is this made of? Reposado tequila, dry and sweet vermouth, Campari and drops of Angostura bitters. Cheers! Rs 1,000

Celebrate Tequila Day with this special tequila playlist

1) Tequila Sunrise (The Eagles)

2) Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off (Joe Nichols)

3) Tequila (The Champs)

4) Straight Tequila Night (John Anderson)

5) Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo (Tracy Byrd)

6) Senorita Margarita (Tim McGraw)

7) Tequila (Bala)

8) Mexico, Tequila And Me (Alan Jackson)

9) You and Tequila (Kenny Chesney)

10) One Shot (Robin Thicke)

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