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This Diwali, craft timeless legacies with Tanishq’s modern heirloom pieces from ‘Dharohar’

Create your own legacy this season; A magical journey into our glorious past

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 07.11.23, 05:11 PM
Tanishq’s ‘Dharohar’

Tanishq’s ‘Dharohar’

Experience a celebration of timeless traditions and cherished legacies with Tanishq's latest festive jewellery collection, ‘Dharohar’. This collection is a magical journey into the rich depths of our heritage; it’s a testament to the artistry that gracefully bridges the gap between our glorious past and the contemporary present, making it a true modern heirloom. Drawing inspiration from the opulence of heirloom artefacts of our glorious past, Dharohar pays a heartfelt homage to the stories intricately woven into our roots, inviting us to savour the enchanting tales of eras gone by. From traditional Kundan masterpieces that evoke a sense of regal grandeur to contemporary Plain Gold creations exuding understated elegance, our curated collection promises a Diwali filled with sophistication, glamour, and the joy of crafting timeless legacies. Join us as we delve into the most enchanting pieces from Tanishq's Dharohar Collection and discover the perfect blend of heritage and modernity in each exquisite design.

Embark on a festive journey brimming with grace while the exquisite pieces mirror your timeless elegance and rich heritage, leaving everyone awestruck by a carefully curated selection of 6 extraordinary pieces -

1. Redefine inherited elegance with Turquoise Treasures

Elevate your style and leave a lasting legacy with Tanishq’s contemporary Badhroom necklace, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends tradition with modern allure. This exquisite necklace, adorned in a mesmerizing badhroom pattern, captures the essence of sophistication with its turquoise stones and delicate mother-of-pearl work. As you adorn this piece, it will be a testament to your unique style and the heritage it represents. This necklace, whether paired with a traditional silk saree for Diwali festivities, a stylish lehenga for weddings, or a fusion outfit for parties, adds a touch of grace and charm to every occasion; making you the epitome of elegance wherever you go.

2. Intricate artistry in every detail

Indulge in the epitome of craftsmanship with Tanishq’s meticulously designed choker necklace set, a true marvel crafted with dedication and skill. Painstakingly created by three skilled artisans for a month, this exquisite set boasts a parrot-inspired design, intricately adorned with jaali and rasrawa work, complemented by delicate chandak detailing. The necklace, adorned with glistening blue and pink stones and adorned with emerald drops, stands as a testament to the artistry that spans generations. To elevate your festive looks, pair this choker set with traditional attire for Diwali, enhancing the grace of your ensemble. For weddings, let it be the statement piece against a pastel organza saree or wear it with a lehenga or an Anarkali suit, ensuring that its exquisite design steals the spotlight.

3. Bring alive the Dharohar Charm with this Royal Pendant Necklace

Step into the enchanting world of festivities with Tanishq's exquisite pendant-style necklace set, a true testament to artistry and creativity. Intricately crafted over a month by skilled artisans, this unique piece features an extraordinary blend of green, bluish-purple, and mother-of-pearl stones, drawing inspiration from the intricate mirrors adorning the royal wardrobe. The necklace is a celebration of heritage and a treasure trove of memories waiting to be made. To elevate your festive look, pair this remarkable necklace with traditional attire during Diwali celebrations, letting its vibrant hues add a touch of elegance to your ensemble effortlessly.

4. Unveiling the Intricate Dori Powai Necklace

Indulge in the seamless blend of heritage and contemporary allure with Tanishq's exquisite necklace, a masterpiece born from the skilled hands of two artisans over a dedicated month. Crafted using the intricate dori powai technique, this necklace is a testament to their craftsmanship. The captivating rasrawa, filigree, and chandak detailing elevate this piece into a work of art, making it worthy of being a modern heirloom. With the essence of Dharohar, this necklace not only tells a story of the past but also weaves it into your present. Its versatile design allows you to embrace the festive spirit in style, making every occasion memorable and elegant.

5. Captivating Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Indulge in the timeless allure of heritage with Tanishq's exquisite necklace, a creation inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of marble thrones from ages past. This remarkable piece is a testament to the artistry of the Dharohar collection, featuring exquisite jalidaar nakashi work that seamlessly translates ancient inspirations into a captivating modern adornment, destined to be cherished by generations. To style this necklace for weddings, opt for a luxurious velvet lehenga, allowing the necklace to add a touch of grandeur to your bridal ensemble.

6. Elevate the festive spirit with Tanishq’s gleaming golden bangle

Elevate your festivities with Tanishq's radiant golden bangle from the Dharohar collection. Meticulously crafted with love, it blends tradition and craftsmanship with intricate jaali work and delicately formed chandak links. This timeless piece embodies a cherished legacy meant to be passed down through generations, connecting you to your heritage. Style it with a trendy Indo-Western outfit, allowing it to be the focal point, complete with statement earrings and a clutch, ensuring you stand out in any festive gathering.

Celebrate with panache and let these pieces reflect your timeless grace and heritage. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and a story waiting to be told. In these six must-have pieces, you'll find history and modern elegance intertwined, making them the perfect modern heirloom, worthy for you to pass on. Tanishq's 'Dharohar' collection pays tribute to legacies old and new, drawing inspiration from heirloom artefacts. Explore a wide range of iconic Tanishq designs in gold, diamonds, kundan, and polki, suitable for all occasions and diverse preferences. Celebrate the passing on of legacies as Tanishq’s Dharohar transports you to the rich heritage of our land this festive season.

This Diwali, celebrate your festivities with Tanishq and make it special with a special discount of up to 20% off* on making charges of Gold Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery Value. Bring home a piece of heritage with 100%* exchange value. The offer is valid for a limited time only, on its e-commerce platform and your nearest Tanishq store.

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