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Spin Your Way to a New Career: Using Wheel Quizzes with BravoWheel to Find Your Dream Job

Switching careers is extremely difficult without a clear direction. But here’s where wheel quizzes from BravoWheel make the process easier in a few key ways

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Feeling stuck in an unsatisfying job but overwhelmed at the thought of finding something new? Career wheel quizzes offer a fun and simple way to point you toward more fulfilling work aligned with your passions and talents. Spin the wheel of options can help narrow down your ideal next career when making a big change feels daunting.

Why Try a Career Wheel Quiz?

Switching careers is extremely difficult without a clear direction. But here’s where wheel quizzes from BravoWheel make the process easier in a few key ways:

  • They break down all possible careers into specific options you can select from. No more blank page syndrome!
  • The wheel spin adds an element of chance and discovery, surfacing careers you may not have previously considered.
  • When divided into categories like skills, interests, personality traits, etc., wheels can identify suitable jobs based on what you value most.
  • Seeing potential careers visually can spark your imagination and help assess what excites you.
  • Landing on mismatched options helps refine what you don't want, bringing you closer to careers you do want.

Overall, career wheel quizzes remove the overwhelming feeling of unlimited options and guide your search based on your unique preferences.

Tips for Using a Career Wheel

Keep these tips in mind to get the most insights from a career wheel quiz:

  • Answer the lead-in questions honestly. Don't just pick what sounds good—be truthful about your actual skills and interests.
  • Read about any new careers you land on that you aren't familiar with. An unknown field could end up being perfect.
  • Write down or screenshot the top 3-5 careers you land on and feel positive about to research further.
  • Try the Yes or No wheel several times over a few days and record the decisions that come up again and again. These samples may show a good fit.
  • Pay special attention to any strong emotional reactions—positive or negative—when you land on certain careers. This signals an important preference.
  • Discuss surprising or confusing wheel results with friends and family to get their objective insights.
  • Combine wheel results with other assessments like career values activities, skill tests, or personality inventories to create a fuller picture.

Awesome Online Career Wheels to Try

Looking to give a career wheel a spin with BravoWheel? Here are some of the best online quizzes to help point you toward a more fulfilling career path:

The Moose and Molly Career Wheel

This wheel divides possible careers into six categories, including helping, persuading, creating, and more. You can customize the included options in each group.

O*Net Interest Profiler

From the US government labor department, this wheel uses work activities, skills, and knowledge areas to generate matched careers from a database of hundreds of options.

CareerOneStop Interests Assessment

Answer questions about your interests to generate a wheel of 8 personalized career clusters you can explore. It also provides job search tools within each cluster.

123Test Career Test

This wheel uses 10 categories related to your personality, values, interests, and abilities. The visual format makes it easy to see which factors most influence your matches.

University of Missouri Career Interests Game

This interactive career wheel challenge lets you spin to reveal career titles one letter at a time. Guess the options correctly to identify promising careers suited to you.

Personality Perfect Career Quiz

Complete a personality assessment to populate a wheel of 16 career sectors. Click each one to see specific job titles matched to your personality type.

Turn Your Wheel Results into Action

The career wheel gives you direction, but you still have to put in the work to make a change. Here are some next steps to take the careers you discovered toward reality:

  • Research details like salary ranges, growth projections, duties, and day-to-day responsibilities for each matched career.
  • Try out jobs that seem interesting through shadowing, volunteering, freelancing, or internships.
  • Talk to people working in those fields to learn what they enjoy and dislike about the work.
  • Assess what qualifications and education you’ll need for each career of interest and make a study plan.
  • Update your resume to highlight transferable skills from your current job that apply to your new career path.
  • Practice interviewing for roles in your desired field and solicit feedback on areas needing improvement.
  • Search job boards, company sites, and your professional network for relevant job openings to begin applying.
  • Enroll in required certifications or degree programs that will make you employable in your dream career.

While a wheel quiz alone won’t land you a new job, it does provide direction by illuminating promising paths aligned with your innate preferences. Combined with diligent research, skill development, and career planning, spinning your way to a new dream job is possible. Give it a whirl!

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