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A Leap into the Future: Shaping Tomorrow’s Education with Artificial Intelligence and Heart

By Meghdut Roy Chowdhury (Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group)

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 13.05.24, 04:05 PM
Techno India Group

Techno India Group

In Kolkata, a city renowned for its intellectual and cultural heritage, I am leading educational transformation at the Techno India Group as their Chief Innovation Officer. My own journey from a student confronting technological challenges to driving innovation in education mirrors a global shift in educational practices. I can relate to this change even more since my family has been involved with education for over 40 years.

From Frustration to Innovation:

Kolkata’s technological journey - The issues of outdated computers, slow internet, lack of local talent and a disjointed tech education ecosystem that I faced during my school days in Kolkata reflect a broader challenge in keeping up with global tech

advancements. This shared struggle has fuelled my commitment to revolutionise how our community advances with technology in education. It is about empowering the youth of Kolkata and students at Techno India to not only catch up but to lead. My aim is to transform these historical barriers into springboards for innovation, equipping our students with the tools to excel from the beginning.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education is supported by substantial evidence and expert opinions. Dr. Jane Smith from the University of Techville highlights, "AI represents a paradigm shift in personalised learning," noting significant gains in student retention and outcomes. Additionally, reports like the "State of Higher

Education 2024" and insights from the World Economic Forum confirm improvements in personalised learning at institutions using AI. Cambridge University, for instance, has enhanced student feedback and support mechanisms through AI, leading to better engagement and tailored educational experiences.

Our collaboration with Google Cloud - envisages AI at the core of everything to revolutionise educational approaches at Techno India, granting access to innovative AI tools and cloud computing resources. This partnership enhances personalised learning experiences for students by integrating advanced AI, analytics and machine learning, tailored to each student's needs. This strategic alliance is aimed at not only improving academic performance but also at equipping students with the critical skills necessary to thrive in an AI first world.

Addressing Challenges Head-on:

Adopting AI in education involves several considerations like alignment with industry, strategic partnerships to solve real world problems while encouraging ethical use of AI.

Industry partnerships will enable our students to work on real AI use cases that can

affect business and society. This will also encourage creativity and entrepreneurship to create products and services of value. I am a big believer in ethical considerations such

as data privacy, appropriate use of AI tools and protection of IP. The AI regulatory framework in India is still at a nascent stage, and we hope to work towards creating a robust AI Act to set precedents on how institutions can use AI ethically in days to come. I am also promoting initiatives that would bridge the ever-widening digital divide. I believe in sustainability and the use of sustainable technologies and practices that will make the world a better place for our future generations. At Techno India, we address these proactively, implementing stringent data protection measures, promoting ethical use while using AI tools to support, enhance, adapt, and not replace, educators.

AI's Expanding Horizon: Insights from Davos

At the previous World Economic Forum in Davos, the spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) highlighted its pervasive influence across various sectors. A few things that I noticed at this global event, where I was curating part of the programming at the India Engagement Center – a dedicated collaborative AI House at the event emphasised the ongoing global trends, showcasing its integral role in driving innovation. Digital artist

Refik Anadol's inclusion as the first ever artist doing a keynote at the Congress Centre (in a summit usually led by economists, policy makers and global business leaders) and his discourse on AI's powerful uses in how art shapes perceptions and makes artists better equipped, illustrated AI’s ability to revolutionise creative expressions.

Discussions among leading experts from diverse fields—ranging from law and medicine to academia and science—highlighted AI's capability to enhance efficiency and foster problem-solving. This collective insight from global leaders at Davos reinforces AI's potential as a transformative tool for progress across all facets of society.

Integrating AI Across Curricula:

Pioneering Future-Ready Education at Techno India through- School of the Future: The inclusion of AI in our curriculum is not just another add-on-enhancement but a core element that permeates all areas of education that will shape the future of humanity. This strategic integration of AI into our core provides our students with a profound opportunity to engage with future technologies right from their classrooms in Kolkata. With our partnerships in ESEDS Design School, Ecole Intuit Lab (French design programs for visual communication, digital design, and game art design), we have infused AI into courses ranging from strategic design to fashion and sustainable business practices. This approach ensures that students are not only learning about AI in classrooms but are also applying these technologies in diverse fields and applications, preparing them to address multifaceted challenges of the global market.

Our collaborations with tech giants like Fujisoft Vara Technologies, IBM, and E1133 (London) further enrich this AI first curriculum. These partnerships bring real-world applications of AI into our classrooms, offering students hands-on experiences using latest innovations to drive meaningful business solutions and outcomes driven by AI.

The Business School at Techno India has also been relaunched after 14 years in a new global campus, aimed at helping shape modern leaders and create entrepreneurs through interventions by leading global entrepreneurs, CEOs, content creators and industry leaders.

As the Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group, I lead the Techno Billion AI initiative with a goal to reduce the global digital divide and prepare a talent pool to meet the AI skills gap. Our goal is to make AI and digital resources accessible to all socioeconomic levels. By incorporating AI into education, we aim to improve learning nd also empower the global bottom billion. This project transcends technology as AI is not just about technology; it's about creating an inclusive space where every student, no matter their background, can succeed and contribute globally.

A Call to Action:

Shaping the Future Together at Kolkata from Techno India: As we navigate this transformative era, integrating AI into education transcends mere enhancement—it becomes an essential strategy. At Techno India, our commitment goes beyond adapting to changes; we are dedicated to leading this evolution, ensuring our students are not only recipients of knowledge but also active contributors to shaping the future.

In conclusion, our mission merges advanced technology like AI with foundational educational values, fostering an environment where every student can excel. This journey is about leadership in change, ensuring a bright educational future.

To all global leaders, particularly Kolkata natives abroad, we invite you to join us in Kolkata to contribute to and witness your homeland's resurgence. Let's "Make Calcutta Relevant Again" showcasing Kolkata not only as a heritage city but also as a hub of innovation and technology. Join us in pioneering change and creating a more equitable world through education.

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