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5 Reasons Why Pullix (PLX) Could Be Set To Battle It Out With The Likes Of Binance and Robinhood

Discover the potential of Pullix (PLX) as it gears up to challenge industry giants like Binance and Robinhood. Explore five compelling reasons why Pullix is poised for success in the competitive cryptocurrency landscape.

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 12.04.24, 01:37 PM

From the start of its presale to the end, and now that it is listed on many top-tier crypto exchange platforms, Pullix (PLX) token has continued to gain more traction by the day, with its ecosystem positioning to rival top players like Binance and Robinhood.

Due to its global presence and a market cap rivaling that of Ethereum and Solana, Binance indeed holds one of the important positions in the world of exchange trading. Meanwhile, the same is applicable to Robinhood, whose exchange platform provides a user-friendly interface, allows buying of fractional shares, and commission-free trading.

However, in contrast to these two notable exchanges, Pullix brings an outstanding innovation which is poised to be the future of DeFi projects and online trading as a whole. In that regard, this article sheds light on 5 attributes that could place Pullix as a rival to existing tier-1 exchanges.

Pullix Presents a Daily Passive Income For Users With ‘Profit Share’ Model

As a new-generation exchange platform on the DeFi market, Pullix surely comes with enticing perks that attracts the majority of modern crypto and traders. One of the perks that really stands out is Pullix’s “profit share model” and how it imbibes a “trade to earn" concept on the platform.

In Pullix, both token holders and active traders have the chance to earn consistently on the platform as its profit share model allocates a portion of the platform’s daily revenue to its active users. Depending on how often you engage with or trade on the platform, you can earn a substantial amount of $PLX tokens daily.

Pullix Offers an Hybrid Solution to Most DeFi Issues By Merging CeFi and DeFi

One of the main attributes of Pullix is that it comes as an hybrid platform that brings together the best of both centralized and decentralized finance (CeFi and DeFi) in order to create an even more sustainable and seamless trading experience for its users. As a forward thinking DeFi project, Pullix strives to solve the predominant challenges within the existing online trading landscape.

Asides, giving traders a secure and privacy oriented exchange platform, Pullix’s hybrid feature comes together to solve issues that have to do with liquidity, low transparency, high fees, and non-fluid trading experience.

With Up to 5 Listings in A Short Time, Pullix Is Taking Over The DeFi Market

As mentioned earlier, Pullix (PLX) has just recently launched its website officially on March 21st and it recorded a significant amount of activity in a few days, with price reaching a historic peak of $0.76.

However the real traction kicked off even before Pullix officially launched. Weeks before its official launch, Pullix had secured listings with Uniswap and aggregator platform, CoinGecko. These notable listings set precedence for the project’s mainstream adoption, as it has been subsequently listed on BitMart, XT.COM, CoinMarketCap, and just recently, on MXEC.

PLX Users Can Earning Daily By Daily Trading Challenges

Unlike on Binance or Robinhood, users of Pullix or PLX token holders can participate in what is called “trading mission”. These are challenges that traders on the platform can meet up with everyday to earn as much as they can daily while getting better at trading.

Along with other advanced trading tools, Pullix also has a copy trading feature that can assist users to trade at a more successful rate. Together with this, Pullix platforms provide its investors and traders with up-to-date information about any platform updates and changes so all users can be carried along.

With Over 500+ Tradable Asset, Pullix Offers High Leverage Up to 1:1000

Asides its extensive range of tradable assets, boasting over 500+ options for investors, one of the key features of Pullix is its ability to leverage trades with ratios of up to 1:1000.

This high leverage opens up opportunities for traders to amplify their positions significantly, potentially increasing profits from successful trades, unlike Binance whose ratio may not always reach 1:1000. Ultimately, Pullix’s diverse asset selection and high leverage options makes it a compelling choice for traders seeking flexibility and potential profit growth among top DeFi coins.

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