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Travel questions answered

The visa-free travel of Overseas Citizens of India has also been suspended till April 15

Subhajoy Roy Calcutta Published 15.03.20, 07:27 PM
Calcutta airport

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India has restricted the entry of foreign nationals till April 15 following the coronavirus outbreak. The visa-free travel facility of Overseas Citizens of India has also been suspended till April 15.

The Telegraph gives a low-down on a new advisory issued by the Centre for Indians travelling abroad and foreigners arriving in India.


Are Indians allowed to go abroad?

The Centre is strongly advising Indians to avoid non-essential travel to seven countries affected by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) — China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Anyone arriving from any of these countries has to be in quarantine.

Will Indians transiting through the seven countries be quarantined on their arrival in India?

No. Transit is not considered a stay.

Is it mandatory for Indians travelling abroad or foreigners arriving in India to have certificates stating they have tested negative for Covid-19?

It is mandatory only for those (Indians as well as foreigners) coming from South Korea and Italy.

Who are the competent authorities to issue a Covid-19-negative certificate?

Hospitals or laboratories recognised by the governments of Italy and South Korea.

Can foreigners staying in India extend their visas before expiry?

Yes. They should contact any of the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Offices. They can also do it by logging into

Can foreigners leave India and return?

They are allowed to leave but will require a fresh visa to return before April 15.

Who all are allowed to enter India?

Those who possess employment and project visas, diplomatic passports and official passports, and those who work for the United Nations and other international organisations.

Are dependents of those possessing exempted visas allowed to enter India?


Are infants/children who hold a foreign passport but whose parents hold an Indian passport allowed to enter India?

No, they will need a fresh visa.

Are those possessing Nepalese, Bhutanese and Maldivian passports allowed to enter India?

Those with Nepalese and Bhutanese passports are allowed to enter. Maldivians will need a fresh visa.

Are foreigners allowed direct transit facility at India airports?

Yes. But even in transit, medical screening is mandatory.

Are Overseas Citizens of India allowed to come to India?

No. They will need a visa.

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