Windows 11
Science Tech  /  Published 29.11.21

Windows 11 has a new Media Player

On Windows 10 (and so far on Windows 11), video is supported by a separate Films & TV app. With the update, support will be through Media Player. “All your content in the music and video fol...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 24.11.21

All about using Windows 11 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Widgets and photos There are many widgets in Windows 11 and you can use the shortcut Windows + W to bring them up easily. There is the simple weather app, photos and so on. Then there is news aggrega...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 29.10.21

‘World’s best gaming processor’ is on the way

Intel hopes to enjoy a sunnier future with the announcement of the company’s 12th Gen Alder Lake chips, led by flagship Core i9-12900K CPU, which the company promises is the “world’s...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 25.10.21

All you want to know about Windows 11

Windows 11 is out and many of you may be facing glitches while downloading and installing it. Nothing’s more unnerving than your download getting stuck in the middle of an upgrade. Here are a&nb...
By Surit Doss

Science Tech  /  Published 02.09.21

Windows 11: quick primer on a few top features

• The company will support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025. • You can install Windows 11 on any hardware using an ISO method, as long as the PC has a 64-bit 1GHz processor with two or mor...
By Mathures Paul


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