Science Tech  /  Published 24.09.22

Spotify to launch GetReadyWithMusic

How do you make it happen? Get the latest version of the Spotify app and then visit on your mobile device (available on iOS and Android). Next, answer the prompted quest...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 03.08.22

Spotify gets more user friendly

Listening to music on Spotify will become easier for premium users. The music and podcast streaming service is separating its play and shuffle buttons so that users are in control over how they listen...
By Mathures Paul

People  /  Published 16.07.22

‘We have a population of more than a billion and yet must pretend that none of us has sex’

Finally, how has being a woman affected your experience of talking about sex in the digital space? Do you think it is harder for women to talk more openly about sex in India as compared to men? As a ...
By Priyam Marik

Science Tech  /  Published 13.07.22

Spotify on new ways to push podcasts

Spotify can change the way podcasts are pushed out. A glimpse of the future can be seen by the audio streaming company’s latest strategy which is currently unfolding in New Zealand. The Sweden ...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 06.07.22

Crosby, Stills & Nash returns to Spotify

Following Neil Young’s lead in February, Crosby, Stills & Nash removed their recordings from Spotify in protest of popular Spotify podcast host Joe Rogan, who they say had spread coronavirus...
By Mathures Paul


Science Tech  /  Published 30.06.22

Let Spotify help you

Blend with friends You can Blend with your friends who are heading to a gig with you. The feature helps you check whether you love the same music (or not). You’ll also receive a social sharecar...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 13.06.22

Spotify eyes the audiobooks market

Spotify is trying to embrace anything and everything that has audio at its heart. The global streaming service seems to be taking audiobooks very seriously and why not — the medium has immense p...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 11.06.22

Bake your Spotify pie with a fun new app

December is the time when Spotify users share their top artistes and songs of the year via Spotify Wrapped. But what about your current music taste? It’s time to bake a pie in seconds. Look at ...
By Mathures Paul

Entertainment  /  Published 30.05.22

Spotify brings you new Batman podcast

“Podcast can be a blind man’s television. You take an empty canvas and create these wonderful images in the minds of listeners. Batman as a project has been fabulous. Amit and Shweta and I...
By Mathures Paul

Music  /  Published 20.05.22

Bad Bunny is the flavour of the season

Bad Bunny, who has been Spotify’s most-streamed artiste for two years running, packs a punch with his new album — Un Verano Sin Ti — on the Billboard chart. The superstar’s LP ...
By Mathures Paul


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