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Opinion  /  Published 24.11.20

Stress test

There is a horrible fascination in watching the post-election drama playing out in the United States of America. For many people across the world, it’s a bit like watching domestic mayhem explod...
By Ruchir Joshi in

Opinion  /  Published 23.11.20

Influential player: Media becomes news in US polls

In the US the elections are as much about the media as they are about politics.  The American media’s conduct becomes a story every four years when the country elects a president, whereas&n...
By Sevanti Ninan in

Opinion  /  Published 22.11.20

Fiction as fact: Five futuristic titles

By 2025, if not earlier, I expect five major titles dominating the world of books. Coming under the category of fiction, they will all be products of the pandemic and its biggest fallout — fear....
By Gopalkrishna Gandhi in

Opinion  /  Published 21.11.20

Adani after Gandhi

A recent article in the Financial Times narrates, with scrupulous detail and objectivity, the astonishing surge in fortunes of a businessman from Gujarat in the years and months since Narend...
By Ramachandra Guha in

Opinion  /  Published 20.11.20

Faith matters: Professor Ataullah Siddiqui

Twelve days ago, a sixty-six-year-old man died in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. He had been raised in the picturesque hill town of Kalimpong, where, when still a student at the Scottish Universities...
By Samantak Das in

Opinion  /  Published 19.11.20

Telling tales: Covid-19 as a graphic novel

One of the things I love about old cities like Calcutta or Chennai is what I call the availability of eccentrics. These are outstanding, outspoken people who have lived a full life and now play philos...
By Shiv Visvanathan in

Opinion  /  Published 18.11.20

A permanent presence: Growing up with Feluda

The starting point of the camel safari at Sam outside Jaisalmer could easily have been the space immediately outside the gates of any primary school in Calcutta at the end of the last school day befor...
By Arghya Sengupta in

Opinion  /  Published 17.11.20

Spot the difference: Self-reliance in India & China

Last week, India expanded its production-linked incentive scheme to 10 manufacturing sectors to a total of 13. The aim is to spur manufacturing, investment and employment through targeted State suppor...
By Renu Kohli in

Opinion  /  Published 16.11.20

The other Nehru: Dams and nature’s economy

India and the world of the 21st century have moved beyond the ideas of Jawaharlal Nehru. Environmental writers and activists have been prominent critics of his development model. More than any other s...
By Mahesh Rangarajan in

Opinion  /  Published 14.11.20

Light in the dark: Harris is a symbol of inclusion

The symbolism with which Kamala Harris’s election has been invested recalls Jawaharlal Nehru’s bitter analysis of the global pecking order around the time of the 1927 International Congres...
By Sunanda K. Datta-Ray in


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