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Opinion  /  Published 12.10.20

Distant echoes: A Hollywood witch-hunt

(Plot spoiler alert for the film, Trumbo) At around the halfway point in Jay Roach’s film, Trumbo, the main character finds himself standing naked in a penitentiary cell in Kentucky, being...
By Ruchir Joshi in

Opinion  /  Published 11.10.20

The other hero: In Jim Corbett’s shadow

From the time of publication of Man-Eaters of Kumaon in August 1944, the name of Jim Corbett has been synonymous with India’s wildlife. He was no trigger-happy hunter. He labelled the ...
By Mahesh Rangarajan in

Opinion  /  Published 10.10.20

Ethical dispossession: Compassion vs sympathy

By Sreenanti Banerjee in

Opinion  /  Published 08.10.20

Democracy’s future: Gods versus robots

Whatever be the final outcome of the presidential elections in the United States of America, thinkers all over the world are seriously worried about the future of democracy, at least the kind of democ...
By G.N. Devy in

Opinion  /  Published 07.10.20

Bitter, angry division: A brave new world

The Covid-19 pandemic and the massive global economic disruption have left people wondering about the timing and the speed of economic recovery. One type of recovery frequently talked about is describ...
By Anup Sinha in

Opinion  /  Published 06.10.20

Fading legacies: 3 Indian luminaries born in October

After breaking from the Congress and launching the Samyukta Socialist Party, he unveiled a seven-fold manifesto, what came to be known as the sapt-kranti, the seven revolutions: gender equality, ...
By Sankarshan Thakur in

Opinion  /  Published 05.10.20

It’s complicated: Diversity and US elections

In the backdrop of heightened polarization, the 59th quadrennial presidential election of the United States of America is scheduled in less than a month. Unlike in 2016 when a majority of pollsters we...
By Luv Puri in

Opinion  /  Published 04.10.20

Ancient wisdom: Mythology & troubled human ties

Can ancient mythology help us gain a clearer insight into human relationships? I would like to use the frame of Indian mythology — specifically, its unique treatment of vice — to understan...
By A. Raghuramaraju in

Opinion  /  Published 03.10.20

American bugbear: Trump mirrors US callousness

By Frank Bruni in

Opinion  /  Published 02.10.20

Jaswant Singh: No stranger to irony

Whether or not he realized it, death must have been a merciful release for Jaswant Singh. The last bhadralok in politics was spared Judge Surendra Kumar Yadav’s unmasking of colleagues...
By Sunanda K. Datta-Ray in


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