Science Tech  /  Published 16.09.22

Mars rover finds organic matter

NASA’s Perseverance rover, which began its mission on Mars 18 months ago, has found some organic matter in rock samples on the planet, reports CNN.  Such samples were found after investiga...
By Our Web Desk

World  /  Published 01.09.22

'Patchy' auroras in Mars atmosphere

The United Arab Emirate's Mars Mission (EMM) and NASA's MAVEN probe have found "patchy" proton auroras in Mars' skies, providing new insights into the red planet's atmosphere...
By PTI in Washington, Dubai

Science Tech  /  Published 29.04.22

Venus and Jupiter to 'collide'

Planets and stars often align, but April 2022 has been a rare treat, with four of our closest neighbors in the solar system — Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — aligning almost pe...
By Deutsche Welle

World  /  Published 29.04.22

‘Otherworldly wreckage’ seen on Mars

The object resembles a flying saucer that crashed on Mars. And indeed it is. But it doesn’t belong to aliens. Instead, the wreckage is the work of Nasa, a component called a backshell that de...
By Kenneth Chang

Science Tech  /  Published 28.02.22

Nasa’s Perseverance completes a year on Mars

A year ago, Nasa’s Perseverance rover was accelerating to a collision with Mars, nearing its destination after a 290-million-mile, seven-month journey from Earth. Last February 18, the spacecra...
By Kenneth Chang


Science Tech  /  Published 24.01.22

The universe in a jar

In the historical imagination, astronomers look through telescopes, and photonic wisdom pours in at the speed of light. Taking what they can get, they passively receive information about far-off stars...
By Sarah Scoles

Campus  /  Published 19.01.22

Explore Kutch with scientists at Earth & Space Exploration Program 2022

Amity Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology and Cosmic Adventures gives students a chance to study different terrain, ruins of Harappan civilisation and gaze at the starry night sky...
By Aditi Dey Roy

News  /  Published 11.01.22

IIT Madras campus ‘recreated in Mars’ for Shaastra 2022 students’ festival

Shaastra 2022 is set to take place in a virtual re-creation of the IIT Madras campus at a futuristic Martian landscape, showcasing institute landmarks through 3D navigation...
By Our Correspondent

Jharkhand  /  Published 01.07.21

International recognition for geologist

The research paper of P.K. Padhy, a 1979 batch MSc (Applied Geology) of IIT-ISM, highlighting the probable generation of oil and gas on Mars 3.5 billion years ago has drawn the attention of the world ...
By Praduman Choubey in Dhanbad

Science Tech  /  Published 10.06.21

2021: Space travel gets real

You already know that Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark will make a trip to space next month when Blue Origin, a privately funded aerospace manufacturer belonging to the founder of Amazon, will conduct ...
By Mathures Paul


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