Science  /  Published 02.02.20

Make art from your photos

Tired of the usual attention-getting filters you use to make your photos pop with stronger contrast or deeper colour saturation? If you want to make a different type of eye-catching picture, consider ...
By J.D. Biersdorfer/NYTNS

Technology  /  Published 07.12.19

The winners of Apple’s Best of 2019

On July 10, 2008, Apple launched the App Store for iPhone owners to download apps from third-party developers. The date has gone down as a landmark moment in the history of personal computing. Suddenl...
By Mathures Paul in New York

Technology  /  Published 17.11.19

iPhone 7 Plus update issue

Q About a month ago I tried to update my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS version 12.1.2, but it is still stuck on “estimating time remaining”. I tried to force restart the phone but the problem persists.Tash...
By Surit Doss in Calcutta

Technology  /  Published 08.11.19

Privacy and Apple continue their friendship

What can a thief take after breaking into an empty house? Jewellery, a few expensive knick-knacks and who knows, maybe raid the refrigerator. But imagine digital information on your phone getting filc...

Technology  /  Published 22.12.19

Of podgy fingers and dodgy keyboards

Those with fat fingers and older people often find it difficult to use a smartphone but assistive technology can now help them perform functions that they would have otherwise found difficult or impos...
By Surit Doss in Calcutta


Technology  /  Published 29.06.19

Get blown away with the feature-packed iOS 13 and the iPadOS

Dark ModeIt’s a feature that people have been asking for a long time. Users can turn it on from the control centre or one can automatically turn it on at sunset and it gets automatically disabled at...
By Mathures Paul

Technology  /  Published 26.05.19

Why you should buy a new phone

I have seen people stubbornly using phones held vicariously together with an elastic band or peering helplessly at a semi-shattered screen. Yet they put off buying a new phone. I don’t blame them. W...
By Surit Doss

Technology  /  Published 29.11.19

A digital ring of romance

Pantone StudioPlatform: iOSLike the name suggests, this app is all about choosing a colour palette, which many would-be couples demand. On the app you will be able to create colour palettes for inspir...
By Mathures Paul


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