Gender Differences
Opinion  /  Published 18.08.19

Women are not better multitaskers than men

Sir — Women have traditionally been considered better at multitasking than men. But a study published in PLOS One shows that they are no better at it than men, rather they are simply forced to do se...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 02.12.18

Photography: A space odyssey

They were just doing their jobThe Shakti Mills case of 2013 is a prime example addressing these complexities. The brutal assault on two young photojournalists pursuing a story, in broad daylight by a ...
By Tejal Pandey

Health  /  Published 20.11.18

It's true. Men are analytical, women empathetic

If you often sit on a train pondering how the rail networks are coordinated then you are more likely to be male, new research suggests. Likewise, if friends often come to you with their problems, then...
By Sarah Knapton / The Daily Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 20.01.19

Men are the weaker sex, according to science

Funny how bias turns reality upside down. Without the firm belief that women are the weaker sex, for example, the convenient-for all-who-matter arrangement of the world might go haywire. The image of ...
By The Editorial Board

India  /  Published 10.06.20

Women's Covid shield missing

The biological advantage that women have over men in surviving coronavirus infections observed in multiple countries appears missing in India, researchers have said in the country’s first study of a...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi


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