Voters' cards dumped

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  • Published 8.04.14

Bhubaneswar, April 7: Umesh Kumar Swain, 23, from Puri Sadar area, may not be able to cast his vote in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections to be held in his area on April 17.

Umesh may be among many others in his district whose election photo identity card (EPIC) was found dumped in a garbage bin in the NAC colony near Mali Sahi here, an area inhabited by rag pickers and scrap dealers.

Nearly 200 EPICs from the district were found at the dump. However, onlookers said the number was much more as some were taken away before officials had arrived.

The sub-collector of Bhubaneswar sub-division seized the EPICs from the dump situated behind Kharavela Nagar police station this afternoon.

Gurucharan Sahu, former councillor of the area, said that local residents had informed him about the cards lying on the roadside.

“I saw a large number of voter identity cards belonging to residents of Puri district lying in garbage. I informed the commissioner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation about it, as he is the election officer for the city,” said Sahu.

Local residents said a lot of official papers were also seen dumped on the roadside, but much of it had disappeared by afternoon.

Corporation commissioner and electoral officer for Bhubaneswar Krishna Kumar said that after he had learnt about the incident, he had instructed the sub-collector to collect the cards.

“All these cards belong to people in Puri area and we are inquiring into it. We have informed the chief electoral officer (CEO), Odisha, about it,” said Kumar.

Deputy commissioner of police, Bhubaneswar, Nitinjeet Singh said he had sent a police officer to the spot after he learnt about the incident.