Time for delectable pithas

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  • Published 28.09.11

Bhubaneswar, Sept. 27: The traditional delicacy of pithas will now be available all year round for gastronomes in the city.

Be it the scrumptious manda, arisa, kakara or the delectable chandrakantis and polee pitha, the Pitha Parlour that was inaugurated today at Pantha Nivas here presents an array of these country cakes.

Opened on the occasion of World Tourism Day, Pitha Parlour is an effort by Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) to cater to the demand of urban residents for these typically Oriya snacks and dishes.

“Whenever we arrange for a sale of these pithas, especially during Raja, we get a great response. Poda pitha is very popular. Now, more than 10 varieties of these delicacies will be available at our Pitha Parlour. Customers can have them here or even order by phone,” said Manoranjan Patnaik, general manager of OTDC.

Prepared in authentic Oriya style, many visitors enjoyed the pithas on the inaugural day.

“I love kheeragaja and I’m really happy that it is available here. Pithas are not easily available in cities. But outlets like these can help us keep in touch with our traditional dishes,” said Anusuya Mohanty, a visitor.