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Tigress waits for wild date

Satellite tracks movement of Satkosia tiger

By Subhashish Mohanty
  • Published 2.08.18
File picture of the tigress being released into a special enclosure at the Satkosia Tiger Reserve

Bhubaneswar: Sundari will have to spend some more time in her special enclosure before she gets to step into her big wild home.

The 27-month-old tigress was translocated to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Angul district from the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh on June 28.

Chief wildlife warden Sandeep Tripathy told The Telegraph: "She is fine. We will wait for a few more days to release her into the dense forest. We are waiting to see how the three-year-old male tiger that was translocated from Kanha in Madhya Pradesh to Satkosia is behaving with the female that is already living there."

The male tiger was released into the dense forests of Satkosia on July 6.

"We are waiting for their mating. If that happens, it will be good news for all of us. Only after that, we will release Sundari," he said.

What is encouraging for the forest department is that it has started receiving signals from the radio collar fitted to the male tiger about its movements despite heavy rain lashing Satkosia since the arrival of monsoon.

"Satellite imagery is also providing information about its movement. He has already established its territory. It is hale and hearty. The tiger is regularly hunting its prey," said Tripathy.

He said the female tiger in Satkosia was also aware of the presence of the male and both are behaving normally. "We are hopeful of them mating," he added.

Officials said that despite heavy rain in Satkosia, the male tiger had adapted to the new conditions. It has already acclimatised to the local weather conditions.