Suna besha patta chitra awes one & all

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  • Published 15.07.14

Puri, July 14: A stunning patta painting of Lord Jagannath made by traditional artists here has caught the attention of art lovers from across the country. The artists claim it to be the largest patta chitra available on Lord Jagannath.

The painting depicts the suna besha of Jagannath and his siblings and is 10 feet six inches wide and six feet six inches long. It has been made on pure patti cloth.

“We artists collected the pure cotton cloth required as the base for the patta paintings. We then made a paste of kainya seeds and khadi or chalk in which the cloth was dipped and dried. This became the canvas for our painting,” said Saroj Behera, one of the artists involved in the production of the patta chitra.

Other artists involved in the project were Pankaj Behera, Prasanna Sahoo, Bichitra Rana and Priyanka Parida. The suna vesha has been created using a blend of watercolours and vegetable colours. The painters, adept at the traditional patta chitra that the state is well known for, took about six months to create the art work that has won appreciation from all viewers who have been visiting the workshop and art collection house Pattachitra Sansad near Gundicha temple, owned by Saroj and Pankaj. The painting was unveiled on bahuda yatra.

“The painting is huge and striking and the deities look so alive and real. This is a special piece of art and we are glad that patta chitra artists have been trying to do something novel and innovative,” said Gayatri Sharma, an art lover from Mumbai who was in Puri for rath yatra.

Many tourists and devotees from both the country and abroad and tourism department officials as well have already viewed the painting which will shortly be made available in Bhubaneswar.

The painters wish to either exhibit the painting at a museum or at public place such as the airport.

“Earlier, the largest painting on any of Jagannath’s besha was four feet wide and four feet high. But now, this stands as the largest painting of the deities. We are talking to officials of various departments who have also shown interest to display the painting either at a museum or at any other suitable public site,” said Saroj.

The artists are now planning an even bigger painting on the hati besha of Jagannath, which they want to unveil during Nabakalebara next year.