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Soulful rendition of Geeta Govinda

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  • Published 31.10.14

Bhubaneswar, Oct. 30: Vocal renditions of Geeta Govinda came to life at the solo musical concert of singer Sangita Gosain at Rabindra Mandap in the city.

Yesterday, the singer’s soulful voice narrated the love between Radha and Krishna. Her delightful rendition was a treat for the music aficionados.

Her presentation of Yahi Madhava yahi Keshava, the famous episode from the Geeta Govinda, was bhava and rasa-oriented.

The singer’s perfect pronunciation and the ease in her voice created a tranquil ambience. A number of compositions from the 12th-century poet Jayadev’s classic followed.

Sangita’s performance began with the Geeta Govinda and concluded with the same. However, the audience also got a treat of her Hindustani classical singing in between.

The artiste sang quite a few folk songs that had a perfect balance of peppiness and poise.

Sangita’s dedication for her music was established from the fact that not once did her voice seem tired or did the melody go off the track.

“Whenever I sing, I get into it completely. Nothing else matters for me at that time. And when I am performing solo, I have to also keep in mind that I bring variations in the performance frequently, so that the audience does not get bored,” said the singer.

The tuneful and precise integration of the orchestra synthesises the persistent efforts of the musicians to make the concert a success. Sachidananda Das accompanied Sangita on mardal, Dushyant Parida on tabla, Priyaranjan Mohaty on octopad, Jawahar Mishra on flute and Ajay Kumar Das on harmonium.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm in her singing. The renditions were relaxing and invoked a spiritual environment. I also liked her stage presence,” said Ananya Mahapatra, a member of the audience.

The concert was jointly organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the state culture department. A number of prominent cultural personalities such as Shantanu Acharya, Pranab Patnaik and Suchitra Mohaptra attended the event.