Son-in-law sets house on fire

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  • Published 17.08.10

Bhubaneswar, Aug. 16: A clichéd storyline about taming a shrewd mother in law into docile one, the latest Oriya movie Sasura Ghara Jindabad yet has all the elements of wholesome and light entertainer. The film is certainly different from the ones made on similar lines in Bollywood and Oriya film industry of late.

The full-fledged comedy starts when Sabyasachi who plays a thief meets the rich and pretty girl Megha Ghosh and marries her in order to become a ghar-jamai.

Although Sabyasachi quits being a thief and starts leading a normal life, his mother-in-law’s brother (played by Biren Mishra) turns out to be a villain and tries to ruin his happiness. Snigdha Mishra, as usual, has played a typical cruel mother-in-law who trusts her brother more than anyone else.

There are many interesting scenes full of twists and turns in the sasura ghara or at the laws home when the hero starts teaching lessons to the wicked ones in the family.

Sabyasachi has shown outstanding transition from his image of chocolate hero or lover boy.

His role of an adept thief on bike who turns into a smart and clever son in law is commendable. The story is well knit with a great comic timing.

Actress Megha Ghosh is good in her part but much stress hasn’t been given on her role. It is her second film with Sabyasachi after she debuted opposite him in Love dot com.

Bijoy Mohanty and Aurovind have played supporting roles while Hadu Pattnaik tickles the funny bones of the viewers with his hilarious dialogues.

Sabyasachi who has been pointed at of late by critics for having carried the same look for many films last year, looks very refreshing. His looks have been experimented with greatly.

Interestingly one finds the actor in as many as 50 different hairstyles and get-ups in the film. The audience seems to have liked these experiments and the comedy in Sasura Ghara Jindabad.

“I think Megha looked gorgeous in the whole film. Of course, Sabyasachi has been impressive with the different looks throughout,” said college-goer Amita, who watched the film at Maharaja.

“It’s good that the comedy with a sensible approach which we generally don’t find in Oriya films,” said Dhiren Mohanty, a businessman.

The film has been produced by Uttam Chand Jain and directed by Sanjay Naik.