Poetry marked with a tinge of philosophy

Bismay Mohanty's poems published in American journal The Year of the Poet

By Namita Panda in Bhubaneshwar
  • Published 20.08.15
Budding poet Bismay Mohanty.
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Bhubaneswar, Aug. 19: Poems penned by a young engineering student from Bhawanipatna have come out in an American journal The Year of the Poet and included in their anthology published recently.

Meet Bismay Mohanty, the young poet, who received the copy of the book recently. The publication of his poems has encouraged Bismay to further his literary pursuits.

Bismay, who grew up in Barbil town in Keonjhar district, is passionate about poetry. Even as a four-year-old kid, he had the habit of scribbling texts that came to his mind. At school, he actively took part in writing contests, and by the time he was in Class X, Bismay started posting poems on various websites and blogs that received tremendous response from across the country.

"I would take part in discussions on poetry and read poems by others as well as interact with those, who have appreciated or criticised my writings. This online interaction among people, who are serious about writing and reading poems, helped me learn about the intricacies of writing poems. Soon I started contributing poetries to the international online journals," said Bismay, who is now studying at the Government College of Engineering, Bhawanipatna.

Bismay's poems were chosen after a contest for the January's web edition of The Year of the Poet and published in their book of poems by Inner Child Press recently.

"It was an amazing feeling to learn that my poems have been chosen along with very few others. There were entries from all over the world and I am happy that I made a mark. But, now I only got to know about my poetry being featured in the book. I received a copy recently although the book was published in March," said Bismay.

The poems by the youngster featured in the journal are Be Prepared, Dear Rain and The Embassy of Moon. In each of these poems, Bismay brings out striking philosophical remarks from everyday events and objects.

Bismay's parents are extremely proud of his literary talent. "He has a flair for writing since childhood, and we are amazed to see how he has groomed himself by reading books and poems on the Internet.

"He also focuses on his studies while appearing for poetry contests online or contributing poems for blogs," said his mother Puspita.