Madaripur Junction in Odia

Story a satire on casteism in rural politics

By Anwesha Ambaly in Bhubaneshwar
  • Published 23.04.18
in demand: Balendu Dwivedi with his book. Picture by Ashwinee Pati

Bhubaneswar: Madaripur Junction, a novel by government employee-turned-writer Balendu Dwivedi, written is Hindi, will be translated in Odia.

Shankarlal Purohit, retired Hindi professor from Cuttack University, is translating the book.

The original book has been published Delhi-based publisher by Vaani Prakashan.

The story of the novel, Madaripur Junction, is based on rural politics of north India. It is a satire on casteism which is prevalent in rural areas.

"The response of Odia people and their interest in good literature was the inspiration for the translation. Odisha has rich heritage and cultural, and the novel deals with the values of human life," Dwivedi said.

The novel has become popular among the readers here and Odisha-based Mukti theatre group is planning to stage the story in future.

"My father was an artist. So art was in my blood. But it reflected through different art form. My real inspiration was my father, his life and my village, where I lived," Dwivedi further said.

Speaking about young writers and their style of writing, he said: "They have a lot of energy in their writing but they miss the experience as most of them have never struggled. The real experience comes from struggles, so it is necessary for writers to have experience through struggle, if they want to be realistic."

Writer Taslima Nasreen inaugurated the book at the Indore Literature Festival.

Talking about his association with Nasreen, Dwivedi said: "We met at the Indore Literature Festival. That day was very big for me because when I was studying in Allahabad University, her novel Lajja was published. Her style was simple and it attracted me a lot."

"It was a great inspiration for me because I think that reality and straightforwardness are two major elements for creative writing. I have read most of her work."

Dwivedi is also coming up with a new novel Via Fursatganj shortly.