Journey of autistic man on screen

Manas Sahoo's film Antarleena set to release in a few weeks

By ANWESHA AMBALY in Bhubaneshwar
  • Published 27.04.16
A still from Antarleena

Bhubaneswar, April 26: City boy Manas Sahoo has wrapped up a film chronicling the struggles of a man from dealing with autism to becoming a successful writer.

The film - Antarleena - is the journal of an autistic person that portrays the struggles he face in life. "People with autism have to face a lot of struggles to lead a normal life such as acceptance from the society and the treatment meted out to them. Our attempt was to let people understand the inner world of an autistic person and encourage viewers to recognise them," said 36-year-old Manas.

The protagonist Chintan Das, portrayed by Soumya Ranjan Dash, is a popular writer, and his autobiography has become quite popular among young readers. Pihu, a 25-year-old woman and a former schoolmate of Chintan, is also a fan of his writings. The film proceeds with Pihu, played by Lipsa Mishra, reading Chintan's autobiography and understanding the difficulties he has faced all through his life. Pihu realises that he does not want to have a social life and shies away from it as a result of the treatment he has received from people.

"She tries to befriend him but things are difficult. After meeting him, Pihu finds out a lot of things about autistic people and why they shy away from people and keep to themselves," said Manas.

Antarleena was one among five films competing for the 63rd National Film Awards this year in the Best Odia Film category.

Manas has his own production house Maskman Films. His The Tale of Kol Lohar won the State Film Award for best film and best director in 2014.

"The film is made entirely from the point of view of an autistic man in the world where he is living in," said Manas. "I will release the film at theatres across the state in a few weeks and will also send it to film festivals," said Manas.