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Importance of front door decoration - Colour and location can influence your life

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 22.08.13
Front door of the house should be decorated in such a way that it ushers in positive energy

Feng shui gives immense importance to decorating the front door. It is the place through all the good energy enters your home. Seasoned feng shui practitioners follow various tips and implement advanced techniques to make the front door as powerful as possible. The availability of enough air, ample light, and, most importantly, clean environment is essential.

But why should you decorate the front door. feng shui says the decoration of your door may affect your health, happiness, wealth, energy, and prosperity.

Each door is considered as a “voice” in feng shui. Too many doors in the front will result in too many voices leading to verbal duels. Also, preferring a side door as your main entrance will refrain good energy from entering your home.

Control energy

Controlling the amount of energy entering your home can be done in various ways. Prefer hanging crystals above the main door. They bear the efficiency of scattering energy in various directions. Argumentative talking among family members could be avoided this way.

Transcendental cures make inroads into feng shui to resolve the problem of “arguing doors”. Experts consider successful methods of preventing the confliction of doors. A peaceful atmosphere could thus be maintained. This is why it is important to be specific while choosing the best way to decorate the entrance.

Pathways come next to the doors in determining free flow of energy into your home. Obstructive things such as trees and walls have to be cleared to enable a smooth transmission. Choosing solar lights potentially empowers your home with increased amount of energy in a uniform manner. Remember that the way in which you set the pathway to your home for energy to enter is crucial.

Energy flow through the main entrance is important in regulating the harmony inside any home. feng shui reflects effective methods through which you could realise this aspect. By taking care of simple things, you can benefit for a lifetime.

Inviting freshness into home along with renewed feelings is best possible with words. Decorate the front door with a word such as “Welcome” to make guests feel happy. A healthy atmosphere will exist among guests and family members with such creative ideas. The colours used for words apart from font style and size matters too.

Colour scheme

Painting the front door with various colours has its effects as well.

Traditional practitioners of feng shui recommend the use of red colour to paint entrance doors. This is because red is considered auspicious and symbolises prosperity in the home and for family members.

Different colours of varying intensity are chosen these days for several reasons. For instance, colouring the front door with black may appear to be awkward.

It might also appear as unwelcoming for some guests. But, black represents career and those seeking a bright career path need to have black doors.

Revamp tips

The movement of doors and their quality has a direct impact on the behaviour of the members living in the home. Conflicting doors have to be removed. Opt for easy sliding or closing ones. The squeaks of a door are not only disturbing but also results in a quarrelsome situation for those staying in the home.

Home renovations have to be done carefully with special focus on the front door.

Breaking the doors during repairs is never recommended as this might result in the cutting down voices of those residing in the home. Maintaining the condition of doors has to be given a bigger priority. The application of lubricants on the hinges is necessary. This way you are not only setting up the door right but also enabling peace of mind.

(Manisha Koushik is a tarot card reader, numerologist and Vastu Feng consultant. She can be contacted at