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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.02.12

Green cause

Tiny tots of Little Steps, a pre-school in Patia, Bhubaneswar, conducted a cleanliness drive by removing garbage from residential areas in the vicinity on January 26 to sensitise people about a green and clean environment.

Under the banner of “Go Green Campaign”, the kids swept the road from Patia to Nandankanan area and spread the message of “save water” and “promote greenery”.

They enacted a street play based on a character called Manua, who frantically looks for drinking water but is not able to find a single drop, and finally dies. The kids also distributed posters and leaflets that carried messages on environmental conservation and a list of do’s and don’ts.

“During summer, water problem becomes acute. Unless water is conserved, we may have to face critical days ahead,” said school principal Sudha Manjari Mishra.

The campaign was organised in association with the Kalinga Development Foundation.

Awarding winners

Students of DAV Public School (Unit-VIII), Bhubaneswar, present a drill during the school’s annual sports day. Telegraph picture

DAV Public School (Unit-VIII), Bhubaneswar, lauded the talent and creative efforts of students on its annual prize-giving day last week, which coincided with the closing ceremony of the school’s annual sports season. Prizes and trophies were handed over to students who excelled in various competitions within the school or outside in the last one year.

Vishal Dev, commissioner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, spoke about the relevance of sports and outdoor games for GenY and also awarded budding sportspersons of the school.

“These competitions would bring the best out of you because when you compete, you strive for the best. Do not mind early failures; they are only stepping stones to success,” he told the students.

Dev and school principal Bhagyabati Nayak released a souvenir on the ‘International Year of Chemistry’ in the presence of teachers and principals from the DAV fraternity.

Teachers hone skills

DAV Public School (Pokhariput), Bhubaneswar, organised a seminar on physics and chemistry for its secondary school teachers on Sunday. Around 60 science teachers from 30 schools across the state participated in the programme that focussed on the different aspects of science teaching.

Resource persons from Delhi conducted the seminar and dealt with various interactive methods of teaching science which can sustain the interest of students and help them understand the subject in a better and more effective way.

“The aim is to identify innovative teaching and learning strategies for capacity building in science education while taking account of traditional teaching methods that encourage rote learning,” said principal of DAV Pokhariput Sujata.

The speakers were associate professor of Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, Partha Goswami and former dean and professor of the National Council of Educational Research and Training, Delhi, R.D. Shukla. The seminar was co-organised by Delhi-based publication house, Ratna Sagar.

Shilpi Sampad

Perfect mix of intellect & humility

A person’s role model is someone he or she looks up to, admires and tries to emulate. My idol is our school chairman Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo.

With the perfect combination of intellect and humility, he is the perfect mentor for young and impressionable minds.

I vividly recall my first interaction with our chairman. On the first day of school, he welcomed us cheerfully and made us feel at home. He told us there are no limits to human achievement and “can I” should be replaced by “I can”.

He takes personal interest in what students do, monitors our scholastic activities, besides taking active part in all extracurricular activities. He even has his meals with us in the school cafeteria to ensure that quality food is served.

He entrusts students with various kinds of responsibilities to bring out our latent talent while keeping a close watch on us and lending a helping hand without eroding our confidence or sense of achievement.

During our autumn educursion (educational excursion) and annual mega event “Unwind”, he allows us to manage all activities right from planning to implementation.

He is a father figure to me — the epitome of kindness and compassion. I would like to imbibe his qualities of simplicity, leadership, motivation, organisation and commitment. Here goes one of his golden quotes: “Be the best or be different from the rest. The choice is yours.”

Mehul Gupta
Class - XI,
SAI International School, Bhubaneswar


Slow Down

Have you ever

watched bees,

Or a blooming flower?

Or watched the snow,

Falling as drops of pearls? Have you ever

watched the stars

Twinkling in the sky?

Or the colourful kites

Flying up in the

air so high?

If not, then you better slow is fun, there’s no need to hurry up.Have you ever asked yourself, “Who are you?” Instead, you ask,

“Now what to do?”

Have you ever

realised the fun

Of climbing a tree?

But I don’t think that

There is time when

you are free.

You never had the time

To even see the first rays of the sun

Illuminating the earth

Or the fluttering

butterflies in

your garden or hear the soft rustle of leaves on a dark, silent night.

Better slow down,

Life is fun, there’s no need to hurry up.

Shriya Nayak,
Class – X,
DAV Public School
(Chandrasekharpur), Bhubaneswar

The Flowers In My Garden

Flowers are the beauty Of my garden.

Their fragrance is

all-pervasive, People are mesmerised

To see my sprawling green garden dotted with colours from the rainbow, when

butterflies flap their beautiful wings, And talk to the flower

They start swaying

joyfully. I never pluck them out as flowers are the beauty,Of my


Sai Sanjana Panda
Venkateswar English Medium School
(Chandrasekharpur), Bhubaneswar