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Folk beats at Kathajodi fest

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  • Published 4.04.11

Cuttack, April 3: Sunshine ground, the venue of the ongoing fourth Kathajodi Mahotsav yesterday echoed with the music of dhols, drums and other traditional instruments that were performed by artistes.

The famous Ghumura dance and Dhana Koila Nrutya performed by artistes from Kalahandi and Badamba respectively was the centre of attraction on the third day of the festival, which continues to draw huge crowds in the city.

The artistes from Badamba left the audience spellbound with their performance based on invoking the goddess Mangala. According to the performers, the dance, which was once a source of livelihood for hundreds of people, is now being appreciated by a large number of people and this was a good sign for them.

“It was a great feeling to perform before a live crowd that appreciated our act. We are thankful to god that slowly the folk dance form, which was once dying a slow death, has been able to get its recognition worldwide,” said a member of the group.

A projector screening the India-Sri Lanka world cup final match, which was eventually won by Dhoni’s men, was also installed so that the spectators at the festival did not have to miss the historic cricket match.

“We had a good time as we got an opportunity to witness the cultural programs without missing the world cup final. We are happy and proud that India was crowned the world cup champion which was the long-cherished dream of millions of fans,” said Mamta Sahoo, a spectator.

The Kathajodi Mahotsav, which began on an experimental basis to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the state in 2008, has now emerged as one of the major festivals to promote dance forms that are under threat from the western culture.

“We wanted to preserve and promote the rich cultural history and steps were initiated to organise a festival on the Kathajodi riverbed. With the cooperation of all, the Kathajodi Mahotsav has now emerged as a great platform to various artists to showcase their talent,” said patron-in-chief Mohammad Moquim.

On March 31, the opening day of the festival, Odissi and folk dances along with the spectacular Dasavatar performance attracted a lot of visitors.

Apart from Aryan dance group, Moghal Tamasha by the artistes of Bhadrak and Odissi by Abhibsa group, Cuttack, were the other attractions on the first day.