Akademi honours Odia poet - Rath talks about leading positive life through his works

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By Anwesha Ambaly
  • Published 20.12.14

Gopal Krusha Rath

Bhubaneswar, Dec. 19: Odia poet Gopal Krusha Rath has been selected for the Central Sahitya Akademi Award-2014 for his anthology of poems Bipula Diganta.

Speaking about his award-winning book, Rath said: "After facing several hardships in life, there comes a time when a man is unable to bear the frustration anymore. Then comes a point when he starts feeling happy and believes that a new life is awaiting him. Such a vision of leading one's life is pondered upon in the book."

Most of his poems are based on various intricate matters in a man's life and the small and big principles that his life revolves around.

His first poetry book Ekla Manisa was published in the year 1980.

His other works include Kuni Pua O Nishpap Sakala, Kete Door and Bihwala Belabhumi that was released last year.

Hailing from Sambalpur district, the poet's primary aim is life is to love the life that the Almighty has given him.

"I believe that one should always be contented with what he has and experience all the happenings in one's life, whether good or bad, with all his heart. These thoughts of mine are manifested in my poems as well," said the poet.

On being asked about his feelings for being chosen for the award, author said that he would have been happy, with or without the award.

"Even if I did not get the award, I would have kept writing and I will till the end of my life. The award is just an added recognition," said the 69-year-old poet. But he added that he felt honoured.

The poet has been earlier bestowed with the State Sahitya Akademi Samman, Jadumani Samman and Kalahandi Samman among others.

A retired law professor as he is, Rath believes that the future of poetry in the state is quite bright.

"A lot of youngsters are taking interest into writing poetry and it will go a long way in the future," said the poet.